Streamer TrainwrecksTV nearly fights driver after road rage almost causes crash

Daniel Cleary

Twitch streamer ‘TrainwrecksTV‘ gets into a heated back and forth with aggressive driver during an IRL stream.

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TrainwrecksTV is known for not shying away from confrontation, as he is often seen debating current topics with other streamers and appears on numerous podcasts, including his own, the “Scuffed Podcast.”

On his way home from an IRL Stream at Topgolf with his friends, Trainwrecks found himself being harassed by a passing truck, but it was unclear what caused the truck driver to be so upset.

Trainwreckstv / twitch
TrainwrecksTV decided to IRL stream his session at Topgolf with friends.
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The truck driver then slowed down to match the pace of Trainwrecks’ car so that the passenger could roll down his window, giving Trainwrecks the middle finger, clearly blaming him for the incident which occurred on the road.

Trainwrecks didn’t take the aggressive driver’s actions lightly, as he responded to the truck driver, saying, “Real badass […] get the fuck out of here!“ before catching back up to the driver and mocking him some more “you’re so tough bro, yeah that’s super tough.”

After a bit of back and forth, the driver began to escalate the situation while responding to Trainwrecks, seemingly yelling and gesturing for him to pull in up ahead so that the two of them could fight on the street, saying, “Me and you, come on show me!”

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Before Trainwreckstv had a chance to respond to the offer, the truck driver began to pull off ahead of the car, shouting a homophobic slur, leaving Trainwrecks speechless for a moment.

Trainwrecks later explained to his viewers that the truck driver was not paying attention to the road and was too close to his car when Trainwrecks slowed to merge lanes, apparently causing the truck driver to swerve to avoid rear ending Trainwrecks car.

He also stated that had he not been live on Twitch, he might have reacted differently to the altercation, but didn’t want to break any rules on the platform.