Streamer with Tourette’s hits back at critics asking her to get an exorcism

Sweet_Anita, Twitch / BreadHere, Stewards Blog

Popular Twitch streamer Sweet_Anita is known for the hilarious antics that arise from her acute Tourette’s Syndrome – but some viewers aren’t a fan of her condition.

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According to Anita, some critics of her stream theorize that she is demon possessed, and ask her to undergo exorcisms to relieve her of her Tourette’s symptoms.

Anita discussed the issue during a broadcast on March 9, where she firmly explained that she would not be undertaking such a procedure, whatsoever.

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“I’ve had a few people come in the stream and say that they think I’m possessed and that modern medicine won’t fix me, and therefore I should have an exorcism,” she explained.

“But I’m gonna say this as many times as it needs to be said – I’m not gonna be alone in a room with a priest, ever, voluntarily,” she continued. “I know what they get up to. That is not a wise decision.”

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Sweet_Anita, TwitterSweet_Anita isn’t too keen on getting an exorcism, as some critics ask her about in relation to her Tourette’s Syndrome.
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While Anita is now a partnered streamer on Twitch, she expressed some concern in the past over her status with the platform, fearing that her condition might break the site’s terms of service.

However, Anita managed to score a partnership despite her Tourette’s, and largely embraces the funny moments that come from it, openly answering any fan questions about the condition during her streams.

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Anita rose to fame in early October of 2018, after clips from her broadcasts went viral across the site. Now, Anita has a dedicated and positive audience – even though some critics still manage to work their way into the chat.

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