Streamer slams Twitch after “censored” pin-up art leads to second ban

Published: 28/Nov/2019 20:29

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Self proclaimed pin-up artist Saruei has hit out at Twitch after being handed a temporary ban for art that the platform deems as “inappropriate.”

The illustrator specialises in art focused around human anatomy, and often broadcasts her drawing process on Twitch for interested fans to follow along.

This is the second time that the French artist has received a suspension on the platform for her work – something that the streaming platform has labelled as too suggestive for its site.

Saruei was handed her first ban on September 17 after she criticized the platform’s supposed “hypocrisy” and “double standards” when it comes to female streamers and her own art.

Twitch: SarueiThe streamer is well known for her somewhat provocative art.

Banned artist pleads with Twitch

The French illustrator notified fans about her three-day suspension on her Twitter account on November 28 by posting a screenshot of the email the streaming platform had sent her.

“I can’t believe I got banned again, it just came out of nowhere since [the] last time I streamed was this Sunday,” she tweeted.

The artist then stated that she’d been making an effort to censor her drawings after her previous suspension: “After getting my first ban, I’ve been censoring my art even more and I tried my best to make them look more family friendly. Why?”

Saruei went on to say that the temporary ban is like a punch to the gut, and that she is upset because no prior warning was given.

“I am literally crying and shaking,” she said. “I just received the email an hour ago and I have not been given explanations or warnings. It’s like a huge punch in the stomach.”

She also stated that she feels as though she’s being “punished” despite always trying her best to abide by the site’s broadcasting rules.

The artist issued a plea to Twitch, and begged the platform to communicate better with her so she can make changes going forward to avoid further suspensions.

“I’m ready to apply any of your rules, but Twitch I beg you: I would like to know what I’ve been doing wrong so that I can [learn] my lesson,” she tweeted.

“This is my main income, my whole life,” she continued. “Without this work, I don’t know what I could become…”

Twitch’s Community Guidelines state that it “restricts content that involves nudity or is sexual in nature” so even though the streamer had taken steps to censor her art, it still fell under violation.

Despite the platform taking issue with her content, Saruei’s work seems to resonate with many as she boasts thousands of followers on her Twitch channel, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


TikTokers Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman get into heated street fight during live stream

Published: 7/Jan/2021 19:35

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok stars Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman got into a heated argument via Instagram Live, leading to an all-out brawl in the street that was broadcasted to their viewers for a short time.

It’s only January, but 2021 is already starting off with a bang. Current events aside, it seems that TikTok drama is also heating up in a huge way, with two of the platform’s top creators coming to blows in the street.

Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman are normally hailed as best friends, both being top-tier influencers with millions of followers on multiple social media platforms.

However, it seems the two have cut ties recently, as told by a heated argument they got into during an Instagram Live stream on January 6 (although the reason for their argument is unknown).


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“You live 20 minutes away from me!” Mena can be heard taunting, as though threatening to show up to Guzman’s spot.

“Alright!” Guzman replied. “Pull up then, b***h!”

“Do it! Do it! You swearing — want me to say it to your face?” Mena continued.

“Come right now!” Guzman challenged.

“Alright p***y, f**k it. You want some shit?” Mena answered before ending the live video feed.

It seems that their argument turned physical shortly thereafter, as a video quickly spread across social media that showed the two stars throwing down in the middle of the street.

“I’m right here! Touch me boy, I dare you!” Guzman can be heard saying before being shoved by Mena. The two engage in a short scuffle before the footage cuts off.

Needless to say, their followers are both completely shocked and somewhat amused, with many theorizing that the fight may have been faked, considering their status as former best friends — but a tweet from Mena may have shone a different light on the situation.

“The truth comes out eventually,” he wrote, leading to further speculation regarding his sudden spat with Guzman.

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait for further information to be revealed as Mena so mysteriously tweeted.