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Streamer slams Twitch after “censored” pin-up art leads to second ban

Published: 28/Nov/2019 20:29

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Self proclaimed pin-up artist Saruei has hit out at Twitch after being handed a temporary ban for art that the platform deems as “inappropriate.”

The illustrator specialises in art focused around human anatomy, and often broadcasts her drawing process on Twitch for interested fans to follow along.

This is the second time that the French artist has received a suspension on the platform for her work – something that the streaming platform has labelled as too suggestive for its site.

Saruei was handed her first ban on September 17 after she criticized the platform’s supposed “hypocrisy” and “double standards” when it comes to female streamers and her own art.

Twitch: SarueiThe streamer is well known for her somewhat provocative art.

Banned artist pleads with Twitch

The French illustrator notified fans about her three-day suspension on her Twitter account on November 28 by posting a screenshot of the email the streaming platform had sent her.

“I can’t believe I got banned again, it just came out of nowhere since [the] last time I streamed was this Sunday,” she tweeted.

The artist then stated that she’d been making an effort to censor her drawings after her previous suspension: “After getting my first ban, I’ve been censoring my art even more and I tried my best to make them look more family friendly. Why?”

Saruei went on to say that the temporary ban is like a punch to the gut, and that she is upset because no prior warning was given.

“I am literally crying and shaking,” she said. “I just received the email an hour ago and I have not been given explanations or warnings. It’s like a huge punch in the stomach.”

She also stated that she feels as though she’s being “punished” despite always trying her best to abide by the site’s broadcasting rules.

The artist issued a plea to Twitch, and begged the platform to communicate better with her so she can make changes going forward to avoid further suspensions.

“I’m ready to apply any of your rules, but Twitch I beg you: I would like to know what I’ve been doing wrong so that I can [learn] my lesson,” she tweeted.

“This is my main income, my whole life,” she continued. “Without this work, I don’t know what I could become…”

Twitch’s Community Guidelines state that it “restricts content that involves nudity or is sexual in nature” so even though the streamer had taken steps to censor her art, it still fell under violation.

Despite the platform taking issue with her content, Saruei’s work seems to resonate with many as she boasts thousands of followers on her Twitch channel, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


Bryce Hall puts Quen Blackwell on blast after Griffin Johnson TikTok drama

Published: 18/Nov/2020 4:59

by Brad Norton


Following on from Quen Blackwell and Griffin Johnson’s social media clash, Bryce Hall has now jumped into the mix and lashed back at the original post that kickstarted the feud.

If you’re not up to speed on the latest TikTok kerfuffle, don’t stress. Here’s a quick refresher. Two days ago social media celeb Quen Blackwell reacted to a TikTok post featuring Bryce Hall and Addison Rae.

Their relationship has been hot and cold throughout most of the year. Blackwell took the opportunity to joke about the on-again, off-again couple, yelling “no” at the top of lungs in her own post. While Johnson was the first to take issue with her comedic reaction, Hall has now fired back as well.

Rather than calling her out on social media, however, Hall allegedly got in touch and hashed it out directly. It’s clear that things didn’t go down all too well between the pair as he’s since gone on to expose their private conversation.

@quenblackwell##stitch with @addisonre♬ original sound – quenblackwell

“So I confronted her and talked about it,” he said. As it turns out, Blackwell was forthcoming with her intentions. “I only do this for likes and being relatable,” she explained, according to Hall.

“I get it, you’re just doing it for numbers. It had like 1.5 million likes, I get it,” Hall assured. As social media personalities, both have their own audiences and both create content to generate engagement. While that TikTok may have struck a nerve at first, it seemed as though they were able to get on the same page in their chat.

That mutual respect didn’t stand for all too long though. Blackwell claimed she wouldn’t do it again, though that wasn’t the case as she touched on the subject 24 hours later before deleting her videos. “It’s so fake,” Hall said in response.

“Now that she’s deleted the videos, we’re friends again. We’re gonna be like the rest of these social media people and just act as though nothing happens behind the scenes.”

Clearly not too pleased with how the drama unfolded, Hall can at least respect that Blackwell deleted her latest videos. At the time of writing, this seems to be the end of the controversy. Though it could all kick off once more if Blackwell goes back on her word yet again.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated if the latest TikTok drama continues to explode across social media.