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Streamer shocked after seeing what comes with KFC kids meal in China

Published: 11/Mar/2020 19:12

by Michael Gwilliam


Chinese Hearthstone player and Twitch streamer Haiyun ‘Eloise’ Tang was disgusted after she discovered what came with a KFC kids meal in China.

The streamer was out and about during a nighttime broadcast and headed to a KFC to get some food. In order to place an order, the restaurant required potential customers to scan a code on their phones, select what they want, and pay.

“You’re not allowed to get in the restaurant,” she said, explaining that staff would deliver the meal outside for patrons, possibly because of the coronavirus.

Eloise rode the subway before going to KFC.

Looking through the menu, Eloise was impressed at first, seeing they were selling lobster rolls – a very nice dish for anyone who enjoys seafood.

“I don’t eat lobster, though. Do you guys eat lobster?” she asked her chat. “Why do I even ask you? This is not a democracy, chat,” she joked, poking fun at her home country.

However, the streamer was really surprised when she started checking out the kids’ options.

“Kids pack. They give you… books?” she gasped. “Wow. That’s probably the last thing I want to receive as a kid.”

Kids meals at fast-food restaurants normally come with some sort of toy, so Eloise was a bit stunned at the decision to include books.

“I wonder if there’s actually kids who want to order that,” she laughed hysterically. “Look at this, you can even get four books! You only spend sixty-nine Yuan and you get four books. Poggers.”

Sixty-nine Yuan is about ten dollars Americans when converted, something the streamer kept joking about.

“That’s four times the fun!” she giggled.

KFC kids meals in China come with books.

Eventually, after a bit of a wait, the streamer had her food delivered and she headed back to her house to eat.

It’s quite interesting to see how different fast-food chains handle menu items in certain parts of the world. Hopefully, the streamer can show what the menus for McDonald’s or other big names handle kids’ meals in the future.


PewDiePie shares his insane police chase story

Published: 30/Oct/2020 19:42

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg revealed that he once had a run in with the police when he was younger. The Swede opened up on stream about a handful of “embarrassing” stories from his youth.

For many, PewDiePie has been the face of online entertainment for the last decade. With over 107 million subscribers to his channel, the content creator is undoubtedly the reigning king of YouTube.

During his October 29 livestream, the star opened up about experiences he had when he was lesser known. From speeding tickets to his car being impounded, the 31-year-old had some incredible stories to tell.

pewdiepie in front of car
YouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTuber hilariously showed off his “epic” car in 2016.

PewDiePie reveals story about run-in with police

The YouTuber was preparing to stream Among Us with Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys when he revealed “embarrassing” stories from his youth to viewers. The star detailed a time he was pulled over for speeding on the highway.

“I was 18 and I just got my driver’s license. Of course, the cliche. I thought ‘yeah, there is no cars.’ Thought I was the coolest,” he said, before pausing to tell fans, “DON’T DO THIS, it’s not cool! But then I sped, and the police actually chased after me. They put the sirens behind, I’ve never seen that before.”

Despite the scare of them chasing him, luckily he was let off with a warning. “I gave them the sappiest eyes ever. I feel like the pitied me so hard, they just lowered what they had on the ticket. They were like “you’re fine, just go. Don’t drive fast,” he said.

The entertainer added, “I’ve never been stopped in the UK, I was stopped so many times in Sweden.” As if that wasn’t crazy enough, Kjellberg also told his audience the story about how his car once got impounded when he was out of the country, and was almost auctioned off.

“F**king auctions, man. That happened to my car once. I didn’t pay tax on it, and I was away. So it had been taken off and it was just about to go in auction,” the YouTuber revealed. “It’s f**king crazy. How can they do that? I was out of the country!”

PewDiePie had to drive over 40 minutes to reach the place where they had taken his vehicle. Summing up the whole experience, he cautioned fans: “It’s tough, guys, it’s tough not paying your taxes.”

The stories PewDiePie told were from years back, however he called them “embarrassing” experiences. To be fair, everyone has a story of getting into trouble in some form or another in their youth.

Despite being known for his video content, in 2020 the personality has been streaming more often after signing a major deal with YouTube back in March. Fans are often treated to anecdotes from the star’s interesting life.