Streamer returns to Twitch after 2 year ban for playing Beyonce song

Twitch streamer Peyzki explains why she was banned for two yearsTwitch: Peyzki

A Twitch streamer has been unbanned from the platform after two years, and she says her ban was caused by her playing a Beyonce song on stream.

There are a variety of ways to get banned on Twitch. Streamers can receive punishments for doxxing other creators or viewers, nudity, playing a banned game, or even playing a copyrighted song or show on stream.

Playing a copyrighted song during a stream may result in a DMCA strike at the very least, with more popular musicians using their copyright to take down entire channels.

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Twitch streamer Peyski claims that she fell victim to such an issue, revealing why she was banned during her return stream after two years away from the platform.

Peyzki claims Beyonce song got her banned for two years

After two years and two days of being banned, Peyzki returned to her Twitch channel to catch up with her community.

Fans quickly returned to her channel after seeing she was live, and immediately began asking if she was banned because of a wardrobe malfunction or something similar.

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“Nip slip? No. Anyone that watches Twitch knows that I would not have been [banned] for two years. There have been much worse [that didn’t get banned for two years],” she explained.

“It was literally just the most boring answer I could possibly ever give you. Simply, I played a Beyonce song and it did not work in my favor.”

Peyzki went on to explain that the song was played in a stream two years before her ban, so, at the time of the clip, the song was played over four years ago.

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Back in 2021, xQc was streaming the Kanye and Drake concert when he decided to quit watching due to DMCA fears that may have ended him in a similar situation.

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