Streamer reacts to finding a Zelda tutorial - after already playing for 95 hours!

by Vincent Genova


Streamer negaoryx made a hilarious discovery after playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild for 95 hours.


After almost beating the game and defeating three of the four Divine Beast bosses, negaoryx found the combat tutorial.

The streamer took the new information in stride, but probably would have liked to learn about the backflip about 94 hours earlier.


“Use a side hop to avoid enemy attacks,” said negaoryx as she read the on-screen text. “What’s a side… wait was I supposed to find this at the start of the game?”

She had the sudden realization, saying, “Oh my God, this is the tutorial. I’ve done three out of the four Divine Beasts and this is the tutorial.”

The streamer then watched in disbelief as the game showed her how to parry, backflip and even charge up her attacks.


On the bright side, managing to get that far in the game without knowing any of the advanced combat mechanics is quite the accomplishment!

We feel sorry for the fourth Divine Beast, who will surely be easily defeated with an array of parries and backflips.

You can watch negaoryx use all of the newly acquired information to finish Zelda over on her Twitch channel.