Streamer Quin69 hit with third Twitch ban for ‘hateful conduct’

Quin69 Twitch banYouTube: Quin69: Twitch

Twitch streamer Quin69 has been banned from the streaming platform for the third time, and he’ll be gone for two weeks due to ‘hateful conduct’ towards women. 

Quin69 has enjoyed a great deal of success on Twitch, particularly with his League of Legends playthroughs. The New Zealand-based streamer has gained close to 700,000 followers on the Amazon-owned platform, as of writing.

However, he has landed in hot water on numerous occasions in recent weeks and months. Back in January 2022, Quin was landed with a 14-day suspension after making misogynistic comments about women “asking” to be sexually assaulted because of what they wear.

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Now, the streamer has been suspended yet again from Twitch for ‘hateful conduct’ but he believes it’s been taken out of context.

Quin69 YouTubeYouTube: Quin69
Quin69 has been playing Elden Ring in the leadup to his most recent ban from Twitch

Quin69 hit with third Twitch ban

On April 23, Twitter page StreamerBans revealed that Quin69 had been banned from Twitch for the third time since late January, with the streamer even poking fun at the ban.

After fans quickly suggested reasons for why he’d copped a ban, Quin opened up a few hours later, showing off the clip that had landed him a two-week suspension where he made comments about wanting to punch a ‘karen’. Though, he argued he’d been taken out of context.

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“It’s not supposed to be sexist, it’s just supposed to be a meme, but also kind of true,” he said. “I mean, it is what it is. Hopefully, this has kind of cleared it up, I don’t hate women.”

Some of Quin’s fans joked about the streamer’s various bans with Twitter user Mikupai saying “bro, please can you stop getting banned? I’m trying to have a daily streamer to watch.”

Fans also found the ban ironic given how only a day before the suspension, Quin called out to his fellow content creators and how they manage stream without making “a bunch of people mad?”

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Then again, there are some worries amongst Quin’s fanbase as recently been fairly open about his struggles with his mental health, admitting that League of Legends is partly to blame.

In a tweet, Quin admitted: “Time after time [LoL] sends me into a pit filled with depression and rage…but for some reason I keep giving it another chance.”

His ban isn’t permanent and he’ll be back streaming before long.