Streamer proposes to girlfriend live on Twitch for Valentine’s Day

man proposing to womanUnsplash: Ben White

A Twitch streamer has proposed to his girlfriend live on air, and their happiness is enough to make any singleton jealous this Valentine’s Day.

While viral Twitch clips normally involve someone messing up in a bonkers way, occasionally we do get something quite adorable. This applies no less than to DannyDorito23, who gave his girlfriend a heart-warming on-stream proposal.

Proposals on Twitch are almost always a heartwarming event, with the recipient usually saying yes. Fortunately for Danny, he wasn’t about to suffer a sad fate.

Danny is a Variety streamer, content creator for esports org Elevate, and military veteran. Prior to his Warzone stream, he invited his wife on camera along with their kid and dog.

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danny dorito by christmas treeInstagram: DannyDorito23
DannyDorito has over 75k followers on Twitch.

The moment Danny pulled out a small box, his girlfriend was in disbelief.

“This last two years has been insane,” he said. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you do too. Will you marry me?”

The future Mrs Dorito, of course, said yes, and showed off her shiny engagement ring to Danny’s 400 viewers.

Danny then explained why he chose to propose the day before Valentine’s, and their limited plans for an official wedding.

“For Valentine’s Day we’re going to be doing a bunch of family stuff,” he said. “We’re going to the zoo, we’re going out for lunch, so I thought it was the perfect time to do this. I wanted to do it with you guys here too.

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“We’ve got friends who are trying to plan weddings and stuff keeps getting pushed back or canceled or venues say no. For tax purposes, we’ll probably just go and get the paper and plan the wedding after all this madness is over.”

Who knows, Danny might even stream the wedding celebrations – once they happen, of course.