Streamer NymN turns Twitch broadcast into 24 hour stream because one viewer asked

Shay Robson

Twitch streamer NymN turned a casual live stream into a 24 hour broadcast just because a viewer in chat asked him too.

Streaming isn’t as easy as it may seem. The biggest streamers across Twitch and YouTube are putting in hundreds of hours a month – sometimes more hours time than a full-time job.

Some streamers can even go for days on end depending how they’re feeling, with the likes of Trainwrecks sometimes streaming up to 40 hours in one sitting. We’ve even see others attempt to stream for an entire year without stopping.

While 24 hour streams aren’t exactly uncommon, they’re certainly a gruelling task. However, that didn’t phase Twitch streamer NymN, who turned his causal daily broadcast into a 24 hour live stream just because a viewer kindly asked.

Nymn started streaming in 2015, and began growing his audience thanks to streaming the likes of Minecraft and The Witcher.

Seven hours into his September 2 broadcast, the popular Twitch streamer was asked by chatter ‘maxbro3’ if he was doing a 24 hour stream.

To everybody’s surprise, Nymn decided to just go for it and on the spot announced he’d continue to stream for another 17 hours. “I wasn’t thinking about it, but you know what, Maxbro, I’m feeling it,” Nymn said. “I’m going to turn this stream into a 24 hour stream.

“I was just streaming a bit late,” he admitted. “But uh, because of this guy right here, I like your attitude, I like your username, I’m going to do a 24 hour stream right now.”

The Twitch streamer then asked his viewers to thank the chatter that suggested the idea. “Everybody thank this guy. Do it, I’m serious,” he said, and they did exactly that as hundreds of messages flooded the chat.

Typically, NymN streams for about 6 hours everyday on average. However, thanks to one viewer, fans got a full 24 hour live stream out of him.

During the day long stream, the Twitch star had his fun reacting to YouTube videos, playing Fall Guys, and even working out in the gym. It’s fair to say, he had a blast.