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Streamer mortified after being bitten by monkey during IRL broadcast

Published: 22/Feb/2020 20:33 Updated: 22/Feb/2020 20:38

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer and world traveler “Mira” got into an unexpected altercation with the local wildlife during an excursion in Bali — and she likely has a scar to remember it by.

While Twitch is rife with gaming and “Just Chatting” broadcasts, IRL streams have similarly taken the site by storm, with content creators showing off their nights on the town or world travels for their viewers.

Streamer “Mira” is one such internet personality: although she’s also known for playing Hearthstone, she has since gone “AFK in Bali,” as told by the title of her recent broadcasts on the platform.

mira_twitch, Instagram
Partnered Twitch streamer “Mira” ran into an unexpected altercation with a monkey during her trip to Bali.

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Taking her viewers along for the ride, Mira stopped by a forest in the Indonesian Island, which was filled with monkeys.

Although travelers are often warned not to interact with the mischievous animals in such sites, Mira couldn’t avoid confrontation after one monkey decided to purloin a receipt out of her pocket.
Bali’s Ubud Monkey Forest is known for its mischievous population of the animals.

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“Oh, no, that’s my receipt!” Mira exclaimed, making an attempt to snatch the paper out of the animal’s hands before it could take off with the item.

Before she could retrieve the paper slip, a larger monkey — possibly the mother of the pickpocketing animal — bit the streamer on the hand, leaving a nasty wound in the process.


“What the f**k?” Mira said, showing that the monkey’s jaws had taken off quite a bit of skin from her hand. “I was trying to get my receipt!”

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A later clip from the broadcast shows that the broadcaster sought medical treatment for the wound — a relieving development, considering the potential bacteria that may have been transferred by the wild animal.

While it’s unclear exactly what location Mira was visiting, Bali’s Ubud Monkey Forest may have been the area in question, known for being a sanctuary to the Balinese long-tailed Monkey (who are equally well-known for their mischievous behavior and testy temperaments).


Although the incident was merely an accident, Mira’s unfortunate injury just goes to show that local wildlife isn’t to be messed with — even if they steal from you.