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Streamer LosPollosTV debates Anthony Fantano over Drake review on Twitch

Published: 7/Sep/2021 14:06 Updated: 7/Sep/2021 14:22

by Sam Comrie


Anthony Fantano is known for his divisive takes, and his thoughts on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy are as fiery as ever. Twitch streamer LosPollosTV decided to tackle Fantano’s opinion head-on. 

Released to fans by surprise, Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is the follow up 2018’s Scorpion. Dropping shortly after Kayne West’s Donda, Drake’s infamous rival, the sixth LP from the artist has sparked mixed responses around its lyrical content.

Getting down to the nitty gritty of Fantano’s opinions on the rapper, streamer LosPollosTV invited the critic over to Twitch for a friendly debate.

Anthony Fantano Drake

Drake’s in the hot seat

Fantano, dubbed ” the internet’s busiest music nerd”, was quick to get his thoughts out on Drake’s sixth creative output. Speaking on the climax of the album in YouTube review, Fantano simply stated “you’ve giving me zero reason to care about anything you’re saying”.


Tuning in to chat with streamer LosPollosTV, the light hearted chat sparked an amusing back and forth.

Digging into the thematic content of the album, the pair couldn’t exactly see eye to eye on Drake’s intentions. Uncovering the deeper meaning of tracks like TSU, Fantano noted the cut was a “tone deaf song for right now”.

LosPollosTV interpreted the track as more of a “human to human thing” that showcases the rapper “supporting his girl”. “Just enjoy this f*cking album bro!” LosPollosTV passionately exclaimed to the renowned critic.

“You can!” chuckled Fantano back to his host.

“He’s not gonna be the certified lover boy forever…he’s 34, he’s already kinda pushing it” added Fantano before encountering a hilariously timed technical hiccup.


That’s certainly one way to bring closure on the subject.