Streamer loses it after hilariously botching Twitch Sings Eminem duet

. 2 years ago

Competitive Rocket League player Connor ‘Jessie’ Lansink suffered a hilarious fail after attempting a Twitch Sings duet with the wrong microphone.

During a March 1 broadcast, the streamer queued up to perform a duet of Eminem’s Lose Yourself with fellow streamer Faezaria. Sadly, however, the whole performance ended up becoming a bit shady (and not in a good way) when Jessie unplugged his microphone.

After reading up on the color codes to know when it was his turn to sing, the streamer unplugged his mic, leading to an awkward experience for his duet partner.

Twitch sings launched in 2019.

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While he opened his mouth, the words didn’t come out until his segment was half-over as he had to get his audio situation fixed.

“I’ll restart it, I’ll restart it,” he said, unhappy with how the duet was coming along.

When it was all said and done and Jessie finished the song, he was unhappy to see that he had earned zero stars, but it all made sense once he checked the replay.

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To begin the second attempt, Jessie can be heard asking “Can you hear me” and “Am I good?”

However, the real comedy was in his actual singing. Twitch Sings was picking up his webcam microphone, which resulted in some really awkward tunes.

Listening to Jessie bark like he’s DMX while his duet partner can just stare on with a confused look is priceless.

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For his part, the streamer started laughing hysterically at his fail and seemed as if he was ready to fall out of his chair.

Seeing the contrast between Faezaria actually trying and Jessie knowingly butchering the classic tune made for some quality entertainment.

It may be best for the streamer to stick to Rocket League and leave the music alone for a little while.

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