Streamer LilyPichu shocked as Twitch recommends an awkward clip live on stream

by Marcus Banks


Popular YouTuber and streamer, Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki was left bemused after Twitch recommended an awkward clip during her live broadcast.

The content creator, who boasts over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, was casually browsing Reddit and watching various Twitch clips while interacting with her chat.


After watching various clips from arts channel ‘SleightlyMusical’, she was left shocked when Twitch automatically recommended another clip to watch.

LilyPichu is known for her League of Legends streams on Twitch.

Twitch endorses clip live on stream

Eventually, she stumbled upon a short clip of herself performing on the piano and Albert Chang playing the violin, before the clip appeared in the recommended section.


Lily was visibly shocked as to why the clip thumbnail contained a fully nude woman, much to the amusement of her chat who quickly spammed ‘LOL’ and ‘banned’.

The streamer almost instantly feared the worst after realizing that she may have breached Twitch terms of service.

“Why is there a naked person?!” she yelled. “I’m not getting banned for that right?”


Can you be banned from Twitch?

It appears that the clip comes from open-world adventure game, Mafia 3, where players are tasked with collecting various vintage editions of Playboy Magazine which displays plenty of images.

Given that Lily wasn’t watching any clips related to the game, its unclear why Twitch’s algorithm would recommend such a clip to watch.

While displaying inappropriate content is against Twitch’s terms of service and can result in a ban, it’s unlikely that any such action will be taking against Lily given she didn’t purposely display the content to her viewers. Nudity displayed in video games is usually permitted (within reason) on Twitch anyway, so LilyPichu shouldn't have to panic.