Streamer ICE_POSEIDON raided by FBI following “spoofed” bomb threats

ICE_POSEIDON, YouTube / The Intercept

Popular IRL streamer ICE_POSEIDON is known for the outrageous hijinks that occur during his broadcasts and his latest debacle has landed him in unwanted hot water.

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According to Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, ICE_POSEIDON’s ‘CX Network’ streaming house was raided by the FBI in a five-hour search in late March.

KEEMSTAR claimed that sources in the house confirmed the raid, and stated that all of ICE’s computers, phones, and other technology had been confiscated by law enforcement.

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“Just confirmed with sources in the house ICE_POSIEDON was raided by the FBI for 5 hours!” KEEM wrote of the situation on March 20. “They took all Ice’s computers, etc.”

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POSEIDON himself may have commented on the matter in a Tweet posted the day prior, writing, “Can’t exactly go live today, something has come up, I apologize but I might be going somewhere soon.”

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Later in the day on March 20, KEEMSTAR posted a new episode of his popular ‘Drama Alert’ show on YouTube where he detailed that the raid was actually due to his phone number being “spoofed” and used to make numerous bomb threats. 

(Timestamp of 0:36 seconds for mobile viewers)

This raid comes just weeks after he was embroiled in another controversy following a discussion about his business model for ‘’ – which some viewers likened to that of a ‘Ponzi Scheme.’

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“For the investors to make their money back, we grow the company to a certain point, then we have other investors come in, they invest their money as well,” POSEIDON said. “Then when we get more than $2 million invested, the other investors will get their $2 million back.”

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While POSEIDON later denied that his model was in any way similar to a Ponzi scheme, critics continued to speculate the issue, with the likes of popular Twitch streamer ‘Destiny’ theorizing that he was defrauding scuffed’s investors.