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Streamer heartbroken after Twitch accidentally trolls him with Partnership

Published: 9/Jul/2021 23:39

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer was left absolutely devastated after receiving an email accepting his request to join the Partner program only to be told it was sent by mistake.

Becoming a Twitch Partner is the main goal for many streamers as it allows them to make significantly more money through monetization, ads and other benefits.

As such, getting an email confirming they’ve been accepted can be a tremendous moment in one’s streaming career, but for Twitch streamer ‘daquanwiltshire’, he went from being overjoyed to absolutely heartbroken.

In a post on Twitter, Daquan posted both emails Twitch had sent him with the first saying he had been accepted to join the Partner program while the second took it all back.


Basically, imagine you had just been told you had successfully landed your dream job, but then before you could even fist pump, the company said they’d hired you by accident – that’s exactly what happened with Daquan.

“We apologize as our system sent the wrong email,” Twitch explained. “It looks like your channel was recently suspended or recently restored from a permanent suspension.”

According to Twitch, channels need to be in good standing for 90 days following a suspension in order to be eligible to join the program so even though Daquan may have met all the other requirements, his channel being suspended held him back.


“Why [is] Twitch playing with me like this?” he captioned the photos, sharing his disappointment with his followers.

In the comments, Daquan explained he felt “hurt” when he read the second email. In another, he even took a bit of a shot at Twitch for suspending him to begin with, writing: “Can’t even call a mf a virgin without getting banned.”

For his part, however, Daquan could have a very good chance at getting Partner once enough time has passed from his suspension. He currently has over 30,000 followers on the platform with his VODS pulling over 10,000 views.

While Twitch’s mistake definitely left him stunned, hopefully in a few months he tries again and is accepted – for real this time.