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Entertainment • May 27, 2019

Streamer Hasan thinks he knows why Alinity's Twitch ban is so short

Streamer Hasan thinks he knows why Alinity's Twitch ban is so short
HasanAbi, Alinity - Twitch

Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity Divine got hit with the ban hammer, after accidentally showing pornographic material during a stream on May 22 - but some broadcasters are finding her three-day suspension a little fishy.


Popular streamer HasanAbi came up with an intricate conspiracy theory as to why Alinity only received a short-term ban from the site, despite showing graphic sexual images to her audience after being baited into clicking the content.

According to Hasan’s theory, Twitch executives had to ban Alinity for this offense, as the streamer has gotten away with no punishment for other such debacles previously - a detail that Alinity is known for throughout the streaming community.


Alinity, Instagram
Twitch streamer Alinity Divine received a three-day ban from the site for accidentally showing pornographic material during a broadcast - a fact that streamer HasanAbi feels is a slap on the wrist from Twitch.

“They knew that if they didn’t ban her for this particular instance, they knew that we would know,” Hasan claimed. “They gave her a short-term, [three-day] ban for something very obvious, but when it comes to the bigger stuff, they’re still going to never ban her.”


Hasan wouldn’t be the first to spin such conspiracy theories about Alinity’s lack of bans, either; popular streamer Greekgodx similarly claimed that Alinity had dirt on one of Twitch’s executives - and even hinted that she could have a sexual relationship with one of their staff.

“...she’s probably like, had a thing with the CEO [of Twitch], and she knows something about the CEO, so they don’t ban her, because if they ban her, she [unintelligible],” Greek theorized. “Some fucking conspiracy shit like that.”

While Hasan hit out at Twitch for their treatment of Alinity’s blunder, other broadcasters are taking aim at Alinity, herself, as seen in Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s statement on the subject.

xQc took issue with Alinity’s response to her ban, demanding that she take responsibility for the blunder that caused the suspension.

“I don’t like to speak bad about other partners, but Alinity never ever takes accountability for anything at all,” he said of the matter. “She always deflects and is the victim of everything that happens.”

Alinity lashed out at Twitch following her ban via Twitter, arguing that Twitch staff should have banned the offending channel that she viewed - not her.

Alinity’s accidental brush with livestreamed porn is far from her first offense on Twitch; the streamer took a NSFW photo of her backside during a broadcast in early March, and even showcased an accidental dick pic, thanks to a particularly vulgar member of her discord server.

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