Streamer has perfect reply to troll’s rude advice for trans viewer

by Virginia Glaze
GreenDumpling, Twitch


Twitch streamer “GreenDumpling” had the perfect clapback for a troll who gave their transgender viewer some incredibly offensive advice for their own broadcasts.

As one of the net’s biggest live streaming platforms, it comes as little surprise that Twitch gifts users with some hilarious and unexpected moments from time to time.

However, some of these moments can get toxic, and even teach us a lesson — something that occurred during the February 1 broadcast of partnered Malaysian streamer and talk show host “GreenDumpling.”

greendumplingtv, Instagram
Malaysian Twitch streamer and podcast host "GreenDumpling" had a hilarious and tactful response to one viewer's concerning story.


GreenDumpling was speaking to their audience when a transgender viewer chimed in with a concerning story, claiming that he had been told by a friend to use his body as a means to get views.

“I’m trans FTM,” the viewer wrote. “I didn’t do hormone treatment, and when I told a gaming friend (Singaporean) I was gonna stream, he was like, ‘Be a t*tty streamer, get views.’ I stopped talking to him after that.”

GreenDumpling, Twitch
GreenDumpling is known for their witty sense of humor and hilarious commentary, which came in handy during a February broadcast.


Needless to say, GreenDumpling wasn’t too impressed with the offending friend in the viewer’s story, and chimed in with a hilarious response that quickly became their new slogan.

“No, no, that is sexist!” Dumpling replied. “That is dumb as f**k. Yeah! And look at me here. Do I need to have t*ts? Do I need to have t*ts to get you guys here? No! ‘Cause my personality is my t*ts! Yes! I have personalitits!”


The streamer went on to poll their fans if they should use the hilarious “personalitits” phrase as their slogan — and so far, viewers seem to love the idea.

That’s not all; Dumpling recounted a similar story in a Tweet thread, where they claimed to have turned down a collaboration with another streamer for saying, “You do know that the hot chicks bring views, right?"

While getting a stream off the ground is hard work for anyone, there’s no denying that women on Twitch face an entirely different set of difficulties from their male counterparts; and with the world’s top streamers being predominantly male, it’s safe to say that one’s “assets” aren’t a guarantee for high viewership.