Streamer gives brutally honest take on Twitch viewership culture

. 2 years ago
Indiefoxx, Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘Indiefoxx’ explains one of her biggest problems with the viewership culture on Amazon’s broadcasting platform.

Twitch allows anyone to broadcast their interests to their world, whether it’s playing games, creating art or just sitting around with a cup of tea and chatting to viewers.

However, over the course of the last few years, many streamers have picked up on and implemented various strategies to maximize their channel’s viewership, although not everyone is happy with some of the tactics used.

Indiefoxx has revealed some of her frustrations with Twitch viewership.

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During her stream on January 25, Twitch streamer Indiefoxx began to discuss culture around the popular broadcasting site and explained one of her main concerns with the platform.

“A win for me would be where I could wear a t-shirt and actually have people give a sh*t,” she expressed, pointing out her realizations about the site, “I wear a t-shirt I go down to 300 subs for no f**king reason.”

She followed up by explaining that she noticed considerable increases in viewership over little changes such as dressing up and revealed it had a negative impact on her.

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“All the little changes like dressing up, putting on the charade has made my stream more successful but it has not made me mentally okay with what I believe the entertainment industry is,” the Twitch streamer shared.

Indiefoxx also expressed that, in many cases, streamers would exaggerate certain aspects of their character to become more entertaining to fans.

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“This isn’t really what women are, this isn’t really what people are like. It is not real. It’s bullsh*t,” she told her viewers.

This is not the first time a streamer has spoken out about tactics to lure Twitch viewers in, as fellow streamer perlababe has also revealed some of the tricks she has taken advantage of to boost her viewership numbers.

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