Streamer explains how his dad fell for classic Twitch chat spam

by Connor Bennett
Twitch: ItsWill


Twitch streamer ItsWill revealed how his dad fell for one of the oldest chat spams in the book, believing that he had beef with someone from high school during a recent stream.

Being new to Twitch can have its pitfalls if you’re not careful. Rookie streamers have fallen for some of the oldest tricks in the book – cutting their broadcast short and even falling for fake donations.

However, for ItsWill father, he fell for the classic “It’s me, Tanner from High School” chat spam – leaving his Runescape-streaming son in a laughing fit during his January 25 broadcast as he told his viewers about the hilarious conversation the pair had over the phone.

A screenshot from the Twitch streamer ItsWill
Twitch: ItsWill
ItsWill can regularly be found streaming Runescape on Twitch.


The Runescape streamer explained that his dad had been on a business trip and decided to put his stream on to catch up with what he was doing. That, however, was when he got suckered in by Twitch chat. 

“He says to me, he’s like, who is that guy that was in your stream, like I thought you were really good to not acknowledge it but I saw him typing in the chat and it just made me so mad, it made me so angry, I was like ‘that’s my son’ and I don’t understand how someone can talk to him like that,” the streamer explained, realizing his father had fallen for the chat spam.

After quizzing his dad about what he was seeing in the chat, ItsWill even noted that his father went as far as asking his mom about the person from school. “So, I asked your mom if there was some guy who went to high school with you with that name, I was like ‘who is this kid just coming in the Discord chat and just saying these mean things?’” 


Of course, considering it’s a pretty regular spam in Twitch chat, ItsWill said that he tried to explain what had happened to his dad but he didn’t seem to fully get it. 

“Yeah, there’s no guy,” he said, laughing about the pretty hilarious story. “Like, of all the messages to read in my chat. Oh my God dude, it f**king killed me, dude.” 


For the streamer’s dad, being barraged by chat spam is a learning experience that every new Twitch user goes through – but its best to never take it seriously.

After all, if you do take it a bit too seriously, you may find yourself slipping Kappa and PogChamp into actual conversations.