Which streamer has the cutest cat? Ranking Ludwig, Pokimane and MoistCr1tikal’s felines

Best streamer cats ludwig pokimane moistcritikalYouTube: Ludwig, penguinz0 / Twitter: pokimanelol

Star streamers Ludwig, Pokimane, and MoistCr1tikal all got kittens around the same time. All three of these cats are certainly cute — but which feline is the best?

Streamers might be the stars of their own live internet shows, but let’s be honest — their pets are also a pretty big draw.

Sometimes animals can completely turn a broadcast upside down. Other times they totally steal the show and make for an unforgettable viewing experience.

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Some of the internet’s top streamers are pet lovers. For the sake of this totally unnecessary and overly-analytical article, we’ll be focusing on three streamers in particular: Ludwig, Pokimane, and MoistCr1tikal.

All three of these personalities have acquired a feline friend in recent months. Twitch star Pokimane showed off her new kitten, Beau, in April, while MoistCritikal unveiled his rescue baby, Io, in May. But perhaps the most prominent kitten reveal came from YouTube star Ludwig.

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Ludwig with his pet cat CootsYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig hit a huge YouTube milestone thanks to including his pet cat Coots in his content.

In May, Ludwig broke the internet by asking his fanbase to name his pet kitten. The white Scottish Fold has eyes that bore deep into your soul, and often has its very own kitty cam on Ludwig’s streams.

Ludwig’s chat eventually voted to name his adorable feline ‘Coots’ in a broadcast that took over social media — and the cat has become a veritable internet star who accompanies its dad on broadcasts and steals all his shine.

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Although Coots is cute, we can’t rule out baby Beau, either. Pokimane got the kitten as a sibling for her older cat Mimi, and the internet simply couldn’t handle his cuteness. The orange-and-cream kitty is the perfect wild card for Poki’s streams and often play-fights with his big sis in the background. Adorable, right?

Pokimane beauTwitter: pokimanelol
Pokimane got Beau as a little sibling for her older cat, Mimi.

Don’t gloss over MoistCr1tikal’s kitten, Io, though. Her rescue story is the kind of eye-watering stuff you see on Geobeats; she was found in a box of newborn kittens that showed up at the vet clinic where Critikal’s girlfriend works.

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Born with a medical condition that required surgery to correct, Io was taken in by Critikal and his girlfriend after being fostered to build up her strength. Critikal has dubbed his kitten “the cutest cat in the world” and even claimed that Io caused him to “black out from cuteness.” Who can beat that?

charles kitten ioYouTube: penguinz0
Io is stealing hearts on MoistCritikal’s channel.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that we can’t crown a winner. All three of these cats are simply too cute for words. They’re clearly loved by their pet parents and have become recurring characters on their live streams.

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To name a winner would be abhorrent — so they all get the title of cutest stream kitty by this writer’s judgement.