Streamer cries at TwitchCon because she “has to pee” - Dexerto

Streamer cries at TwitchCon because she “has to pee”

Published: 27/Sep/2019 19:58 Updated: 27/Sep/2019 20:00

by Virginia Glaze


TwitchCon 2019 is finally upon us, with top streamers from across the globe gathering in one place for an action-packed weekend of live streamed shenanigans – but one streamer was so moved by the festivities that she found herself in tears.

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TwitchCon 2019 is throwing down in San Diego, California, with online personalities from all around the world making an appearance at the site’s biggest meetup of the year.

The gravity of this event was not lost on one Twitch streamer, who had an emotional reaction to taking part in the festivities – as well as a major host from a fellow broadcaster.


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TwitchTwitchCon 2019 is throwing down in San Diego – but it’s not all smiles for every streamer.

Popular Korean streamers “HAchubby” and “Angelskimi” sent a 10k raid toward the streamer, who teared up at their huge act of kindness. Combined with traveling to a massive event like TwitchCon for the first time, it makes sense that just about anyone would get a bit emotional.

This caused the streamer to openly weep in public as she walked down the street, prompting a concerned reaction from fellow streamer “Yuber,” who stopped in his tracks to check up on the situation.

FreepikOne Twitch streamer lost control of her emotions – but not for the reason that a bystander initially thought.
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“Why are you crying?” Yuber asked. “Are you alright?”

“I’m okay,” she answered with a smile. “I’m happy.”


However, due to her accent, the streamer almost sounds like she’s saying “have [to] pee” – prompting Yuber to ask, “You have to pee?” in a hilarious segment that cracked her up (along with anyone else watching the exchange).

“No – happy, happy!” she clarified. “Happy cry.”

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The streamer went on to state that this was her first time attending TwitchCon, explaining her emotional response.

However, not everyone is pleased with this year’s event: in fact, multiple attendees expressed outrage over the Twitch Partner party on September 26, noting that a slew of drinks were left unattended at the bar – allowing anyone with bad intentions to drug the drinks, given the chance.


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“It’s a huge health and safety concern,” streamer Anne Munition wrote. “…I’ve heard many stories from friends and other partners about being drugged at past partner parties.”

Despite this controversy, it’s no secret that a massive showdown like TwitchCon can be a positive experience for congoers, as seen in the streamer’s weepy response to finally attending the event for the very first time.