Streamer claims Twitch owes her $1,000 from Ad Incentive program and isn’t responding

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A Twitch streamer by the name of Artie is claiming that Twitch owes her $1,000 from the Ad Incentive program, and the platform’s not responding to her cries for help.

Back in August 2022, Twitch launched a program to incentivize its partners to run more ads during their broadcasts.

It allows creators to make a certain amount of money with stream time and ad break requirements, resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in income. It’s prorated, as well, meaning those who only complete 50% of their agreement still receive payment.

Twitch partner Artie claims that the platform still owes her $1,000 from her latest agreement, and the platform’s support team is not responding to her.

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Twitch streamer Artie claims platform owes her money

On January 26, Artie posted on Twitter calling for Twitch support to help with her situation.

“Twitch isn’t paying me for the ad incentive program. I’ve reached out through discords and partner support with no answer. This is supposed to be ‘reliable’ income and now I am f*cked,” she said.

“Twitch Support this needs to be looked into.”

Artie told Dexerto that for her January Ad Incentive, she was offered $1,600 to stream for 184 hours with six minutes of ads per hour of the stream.

However, after streaming for 156 hours with the proper ad breaks, Artie shared with us proof that Twitch is only showing that she’s earned $205, meaning she’s still owed money due to it being improperly prorated.

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With 156 hours being the majority of her 184-hour agreement, her dashboard should be showing upwards of roughly $1,300 if it was being properly prorated.

Artie also says that any attempts to reach out for help so far have resulted in automated emails that don’t address the issue, or worse yet — no response at all.

Dexerto has reached out to Twitch for comment and will update this article with any updates.

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