Streamer claims he has coronavirus to get away from drunk man in Japan - Dexerto

Streamer claims he has coronavirus to get away from drunk man in Japan

Published: 12/Mar/2020 17:22 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 18:17

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer ‘robcdee’ found himself in a bit of a predicament while visiting Osaka, Japan after a drunk man wouldn’t leave him alone.

Rob was walking down the street at night, minding his own business, when suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere with a drink in hand, ready to strike up a conversation.

“Are you Italy?” the man asked, assuming Rob’s nationality. “I’m Africa.”

The man wouldn’t leave Rob alone.

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“You stop,” Rob laughed, but the stranger grabbed hold of his arm. “Where are you going to hang out?”

The streamer was on his way to go under a bridge in an attempt to dispose of a drink can. Japan can be notorious for its lack of garbage bins, even though littering is extremely frowned upon.


“To your wife?” the drunk man asked.

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“Yeah, she’s under the bridge too,” Rob answered sarcastically.

Try as he might, the IRL streamer was unable to get away from the man, who kept asking more and more questions and continued to touch him.

“Have a good night, man. See you!” robcdee said, but the drunk man wouldn’t take the hint. He continued to ramble on, not letting the Twitch star get on with his night.

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“How do I get out of this?” Rob asked his chat. Just then, he had an epiphany: “I know what to say! I have coronavirus. Be careful. See you.”


Just like that, finally, the streamer was able to get away from the overly-attached man.

“I lied,” he laughed, confessing that he didn’t actually have the virus.

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The coronavirus has impacted the entire world in recent weeks, with multiple major events such as E3, the NBA season, Overwatch League and more being either canceled or suspended.

At least Rob found a way to use it as a means to get out of an uncomfortable interaction. It worked well too, as the drunk man let him be after that.