Streamer blasts “shameless” hosts for kicking him off Twitch dating show

. 2 years ago
SuppyColleen, Twitch / SupCaitlin, Instagram

A contestant in a Twitch dating show was less than pleased after being “yeeted” from the conversation by a mischievous donor, leading to a bitter rant against the game’s female hosts.

As one of the net’s largest live streaming platforms, Twitch is a haven for all kinds of content, from IRL streams to competitive gaming and even mock “dating” shows, which imitate popular programs like famous TV series “The Bachelor.”

One such dating show, hosted by streamers “SuppyColleen” and her sister, Caitlin, puts a unique twist on the format, allowing viewers to donate money for the chance at being interviewed — or even kick the current contestant from the stream, altogether.

supcolleen, Instagram
Twitch streamers and sisters Caitlin and Colleen host a unique dating show on Twitch – one that left one of their contestants quite salty.

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Thus, contestants never know when they’ll be booted from the stream — a fact that left one interviewee a bit salty, after a donator spent $15 to kick him out of conversation just after his interview began.

“I am so sorry,” Caitlin apologized after a “yeet” sound effect announced that the contestant had been kicked off of the interview. “You were yeeted! Someone kicked you off.”

“What do you mean?” the interviewee asked. “I don’t get it.”

supcaitlin, Instagram
Twitch streamer “SupCaitlin” tried to explain the rules of the show to an angry contestant, who was bitter that he’d been kicked off just after starting his conversation with the girls.

Caitlin then clarified the situation for him, and although she explained the format quite clearly (which was also clearly displayed on the stream overlay), he appeared to be quite upset at the scenario and even accused the women of scamming him.

“You guys are a bunch of scam artists, you know that, right?” the contestant shot back. “You guys are f**king shameless.”

“We didn’t tell them to do that!” Caitlin admitted.

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“Nobody cares, you should f**king just… ignore it!” the man interjected. “If you had any pride. …listen, I waited fifteen minutes, so you should at least give me that!”

Unfortunately, the hosts couldn’t go against their rules, leaving the contestant quite bitter as they removed him from the stream.

“I didn’t wanna talk!” Colleen exclaimed. “I was scared! I’m sorry, though.”

“I mean, that’s how it works!” Caitlin argued. “I don’t know why you guys donate so quickly. At least let them talk!”

All’s fair in love and war, after all — even if you lose money to another donator.

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