Streamer banned after "sexually harassing" OfflineTV's Yvonnie

by Virginia Glaze
Yvonnieng, Instagram


Twitch streamer and OfflineTV member "Yvonnie" is hitting back at a male League of Legends player who bragged about making lewd comments toward her during a broadcast.

Although breaking into the streaming scene is hard for any broadcaster, it’s no secret that women are faced with a unique struggle in the space compared to their male counterparts.

This struggle was clearly defined by a male League of Legends player in early February, who made inappropriate comments toward OfflineTV’s Yvonnie during one of his own broadcasts while playing the popular battle arena game.

yvonnieng, Instagram
OfflineTV member and Twitch streamer "Yvonnie" was sexually harassed by a male streamer, which he bragged about during a broadcast in early February.


A clip uploaded to Twitter by Yvonnie shows the streamer, going by the name “doaenel,” laughing about asking her to get intimate with him, and later denying that his question was sexual harassment.

“It’s actually really cringe,” he began. “So, I say, ‘Hey Vonnie.’ She says, ‘Hi.’ ‘Would you have s*x with me?’ Doesn’t answer. ...I expected an answer.”

“Wow, you’re gonna sexually harass Yvonnie?” another player asked over the mic.

“It’s not sexual harassment,” the broadcaster claimed after an explosion of laughter. “It’s just testing people’s honesty.”


Yvonnie replied to the issue via Twitter on February 7, admitting that she’d tried to brush off the offensive interaction but chose to expose the issue as a means to potentially stop such an incident from happening to others.

“I tried brushing this off, and I know people like this will still exist, but if it could maybe stop even a few people from doing this in the future, for them to know this is not okay, then that's all I want,” she wrote. “Also it's not testing people's honestly, it's sexual harassment.”

That’s not the end of the story, either: a purported message from doaenel, provided by OfflineTV’s “Scarra,” shows that he went on to further harass Yvonnie, noting that she “forgot to answer” his question.

Doaenel’s Twitch account has since been banned for seven days, which he acknowledged in a series of Tweets, calling his inappropriate behavior toward Yvonnie a "harmless comment."


He has likewise appealed his suspension to Twitch, with further information regarding the ban still pending at the time of writing.