Streamer appears banned after snorting substance during WoT broadcast

by Virginia Glaze
Wargames, Twitch


One Twitch streamer seems to have been banned from the platform after going out of view during a World of Tanks broadcast to seemingly snort a suspicious substance.

Thanks to the advent of live streaming, broadcasters around the world capture unexpected - and sometimes jaw-dropping - moments on camera, be it from IRL streams or even video game broadcasts.

While it’s become a trend to “expect the unexpected” on sites like Twitch, one streamer took this trend to the next level when he appeared to imbibe something during his broadcast.

A streamer's World of Tanks broadcast was interrupted by suspicious behavior.

Australian streamer “JordyBro” was in the middle of a World of Tanks session when he appeared to be handling something out of view of the camera.

During his conversation with fellow players, he swiped up the microphone on his headset and dipped out of frame to sniff something on his desktop, later wiping at his nose and seeming to clear off his desk.

Although it’s unclear exactly what the substance may have been, illegal drugs are not out of the question - which could explain why JordyBro’s Twitch channel appears to have been banned, as a quick search for his username leads to a “content unavailable” message on the site.

Twitch’s Community Guidelines state that “any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm” is prohibited on the website, which includes such offenses as “suicide threats, intentional physical trauma”, and even “illegal use of drugs.”

A quick search for JordyBro's Twitch channel results in this message - denoting a possible ban.

While it’s not certain that Jordy was actually banned, or even banned for seeming to use drugs on stream, his potential suspension wouldn’t come as a surprise if he did, in fact, partake in illegal substances on his broadcast.

This wouldn’t be the first time a streamer has been banned for such an offense, either: two teenage girls were similarly banned in early November for sniffing Ketamine and smoking weed on stream, although they managed to create a new account to circumvent their suspension.

ZoinkedTV, Twitch
ZoinkedTV, Twitch
Two teenage streamers were promptly banned from Twitch after snorting Ketamine during a broadcast.

Although Twitch has come under fire for its controversial moderation decisions, it seems that the platform is taking a harsh stance in regards to illegal (and potential) drug use.