Streamer abused by his mother on camera

by Virginia Glaze


Thanks to the advent of live streaming, just about anyone with the proper equipment can broadcast their daily lives for all to see - but sometimes, these broadcasts can capture harrowing moments as they unfold in real-time.


The broadcast of multi-platform streamer “Sherwindo” captured one such moment, coming to an explosive head when his mother began beating him, yelling loudly, pulling his hair, and throwing objects at him while his sister tearfully attempted to mediate the situation.

Although Sherwin’s family is speaking Persian in the clip, unofficial English translations claim that she commanded him to turn off and erase his broadcast after learning that he was filming, her words rife with insults and expletives.

[WARNING: the clip below contains violent material. Viewer discretion is advised.]


Sherwin later began a Twitch livestream outside of his home, having left the house after the incident, during which this writer asked about the clip to confirm his identity.

The streamer confirmed that it was himself who had been featured in the clip, with ample commenters in his chat offering their sympathies and advice in wake of the now-viral video.

Sherwin later explained the context of the clip in question, claiming that his mother had gotten upset over being filmed in a previous video. His sister then “snitched,” explaining that the VOD was on YouTube, which incited the outburst seen in his clip.


IRL Twitch streams and YouTube broadcasts have recorded a slew of concerning events in the past, with streamers coming upon thefts, getting harassed, and even assaulted in front of the camera by total strangers.

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    While IRL streams can certainly be unpredictable, no one was ready for what happened in these broadcasts - and viewers are left concerned while Sherwin recuperates.