Stranger Things actor Grace Van Dien surprises Twitch fans with clean Valorant gameplay

. 4 weeks ago
Viper in Valorant looking at Chrissy from Stranger Things Season 4
Riot Games / Netflix

Grace Van Dien might be better known as Chrissy following her debut in Stranger Things Season 4. However she’s also a gun at Valorant, surprising fans on Twitch and in-game with her impressive gameplay.

With Stranger Things Season 4 absolutely dominating the entertainment world, there’s been a phenomenal amount of discussion (and spoilers) everywhere.

Fans have done what they do best, and have been combing through social media accounts trying to find clues about the upcoming Season 4 Part 2, as well as trying to get a better understanding of the people behind the characters.

More than a few people have been a little shocked to see everyone’s favorite cheerleader, Chrissy, popping up on Twitch and crushing it while playing Valorant and a series of other games.

On her Twitch account ‘BlueFille‘, actor Grace Van Dien has amassed just over 31,000 followers and has been gaming hard for the past five months.

Her bio reads “Hello! I’m an actress from Stranger Things. Bluefille (blue·fee) means blue girl. You can call me Blue or Grace. I play Valorant, Fortnite, The Forest, Overwatch, etc.”

While hesitant to hop into Ranked play just yet, Grace has been holding herself up and entertaining the masses as Viper during her time playing Valorant.

Grace has been managing to find time in what must be a packed schedule following the release of Season 4 to upload highlights of her gameplay onto her BlueFille TikTok account.

As can be expected, Van Dien’s Twitch account saw an astronomical rise in popularity following the release of Season 4. She had an average of 33 viewers every time she went live before the mega-launch. She now gets more than 1,000 average concurrent viewers every stream.

As teaser trailers for Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 continue to build extreme levels of hype around the show, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of Grace on Twitch.

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