STPeach unbanned a day after Cammy cosplay Twitch stream

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Twitch has unbanned popular broadcaster ‘STPeach’ after a Street Fighter V Cammie cosplay stream that landed her in hot water with the platform.

Update: 3/3/2022

STPeach has been unbanned on Twitch a day after getting hit with the ban hammer on March 2. The reason for her ban is still unclear at the time of writing.

Original story is as follows:

STPeach has risen the ranks across social media and has garnered quite the following on Twitch. She’s been at the forefront of meta shifts on the site, including pool streams and dancing streams.

Those metas can sometimes skirt the line between what’s allowed on Twitch and what violates the platform’s terms of service (ToS), leading to quick bans for popular streamers.

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Just a day after STPeach’s cosplayed Street Fighter V’s Cammy on stream, Twitch handed the 28-year-old another ban on her channel for reasons unknown as of now.

STPeach banned on Twitch

STPeach was banned on Twitch on March 2, a day after the streamer pulled out her popular Cammy cosplay again, which some believe to be the cause for the infraction.

A clip from STPeach’s stream went viral, and soon after her channel was taken offline – for the time being.

“Banned from Twitch,” she said after the ban. “Next time, I’ll make sure to bring a hot tub out. At least the kids still get the $10,000.”

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During the steam, STPeach had raised over $10K for Gamers For Love, an organization that seeks to benefit children with life-threatening conditions while building a sustainable future for kids.

In her tweet, the streamer poked fun at the ban, suggesting that the viral moment might not have garnered a ban if Twitch saw a contextual exception to its nudity and sexual content guidelines.

This isn’t the only time a streamer was punished for donning a Street Fighter cosplay like in 2019 when ‘quqco’ was banned for wearing a Chun-Li outfit.