Steve Aoki shares with Logan Paul his biggest NFT regret

Steve Aoki and Logan Paul discuss NFTsLogan Paul

Steve Aoki has gone deep with Logan Paul on discussions about NFTs and the ‘A0k1verse’ on the latest episode of Impaulsive — including talking about his biggest regret in the crypto space.

When Steve Aoki joined Logan Paul on his IMPAULSIVE podcast, crypto and NFTs were always going to be a talking point. Both are deeply involved with the space — the former even more so with his ‘A0k1verse’ project.

While NFTs have been a hotly contested topic in the gaming world, Aoki’s new project is touted as a game-changer for musicians.

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Well-versed in the oft-murky world of blockchain technology, Aoki talked at length about his experiences with NFTs. However, while he talked about the highs, he also shared his biggest regret.

Steve Aoki floating in space with a silver jacket and "Welcome To the aokiverse" printed in text over himSteve Aoki
Steve Aoki’s ‘A0k1verse’ is coming to life slowly but surely.

“The one thing I learnt is never buy one,” Aoki said.

“I already made that mistake with a CryptoPunk. So I sold it, then I bought two more. So now I just buy [mutliple] NFTs.”

The discussion between Aoki and Paul quickly turned from discussing the highs of doing well on a risky gamble, to their less fruitful efforts.

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Referring to the Oni project that both Steve Aoki and Logan Paul went in on, and both lost money on, Logan made it clear that projects like this need a high level of detachment to engage with.

“I don’t feel like it’s a loss. Technically the project value has decreased, but I just don’t care.”

Raising interesting issues around the community approach towards blockchain use, Paul stated “royalty shares on songs for some artists would be crazy”.

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The related segment begins at 57:35.

This concept opened the door to the well-discussed topic of what the point of NFTs is, and the potential real world application of their use. The idea in this case being that by owning the NFT for a song, the holder of that NFT is due a portion of the money made by that track.

Closing out their discussion on NFTs and Crypto as whole, Steve Aoki, Logan Paul and Mike Maljak all had agreement around the typical life cycle of any project with Aoki saying: “It did really well, it surged up, and then it dropped. All NFTs dropped. It stayed at this low floor for 10 months until we announced the Aokiverse.”

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Mike’s final comments on the project encapsulated the standard experience of the casual user.

“That’s the naturally cyclical [sic] motion of an NFT project. You get this initial burst of energy when the project first releases, and then, of course it’s gonna go back to some sorta baseline.”

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