Starbucks worker mortified after mistaking man’s girlfriend for dog

Woman mistakes mans girlfriend for dog Baptist Standaert / TikTok: mydadcallsmebilly

A Starbucks worker is going viral after mistaking a customer’s girlfriend for a dog — even offering her a puppuccino before realizing her humorous blunder.

Starbucks is one of the most prominent coffee chains in America. Offering a wide variety of coffee, tea, breakfast items, and more, it’s become a pretty popular place for folks to get their daily cup of Joe.

One unique item that Starbucks has on the menu is a ‘puppuccino’ — basically, a cappuccino for dogs. However, there’s no coffee involved. Instead, it’s just a small cup of whipped cream for owners looking to include their furry friends in their regular Starbucks runs.

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It’s not uncommon for owners to request a puppuccino in the drive-thru… so one Starbucks worker simply assumed a customer wanted one when they pulled up to the window.

Starbucks barista accidentally mistakes customer’s girlfriend for a dog

TikTok user Libby Owens recorded her shocked reaction after asking if a man’s dog wanted a puppuccino — but it turns out that he didn’t actually have a dog in his vehicle.

Instead, it was his girlfriend wearing a furry coat, and it left Libby feeling mortified.

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Her hilarious clip has racked up nearly three million views since being uploaded just a day ago, and viewers can’t help but share their own embarrassing experiences after making assumptions about people.

“One time I told a girl I liked her blush and she said, ‘Thanks, it’s my rosacea,'” one user commented.

“Once a customer had a dog on their lap and I said, ‘Awwwww, is it sleeping?’ And it had no eyes,” another shared.

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Still another said that the TikTok gave them a good idea for getting Starbucks on the cheap: “Now I know what to wear when I want a free puppuccino.”

tiktok starbucks replies copyTikTok: mydadcallsmebilly

Although Starbucks’ secret menu items usually take TikTok by storm, this unfortunate barista’s mistake is giving users a laugh all across the app. (No word on if the girlfriend accepted the puppuccino offer, though.)

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