Starbucks employee goes viral on TikTok after revealing drive-thru secret

An image of Starbucks drive thruStarbucks, TikTok: g59pixie

Starbucks customers were left red-faced after a TikToker explained how their drive-thru system is more revealing than they thought. 

Sometimes the only cure for the Monday blues is a delicious coffee. The convenience of a drive-thru Starbucks is nothing short of brilliant, with its speaker-only system allowing you to roll up on a whim, even if you’re not looking so fresh.

Or so we thought because it turns out that Starbucks has got their eyes on everything, even you in your Marvel pajamas at the drive-thru.

AN image of Starbucks TikToker g59pixieTikTok: g59pixie
TikToker g59pixie showed viewers just how observant Starbucks can be.

Starbucks customers “embarrassed” by the drive-thru

TikToker g59pixie gave her viewers an insight into the life of a Starbucks employee, revealing that the drive-thru speaker system actually has a camera installed too.

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This means that when you’ve pulled up for a frappuccino while singing along to your 90s pop anthems playlist, someone has likely witnessed the whole thing unfold.

Alongside the surprising revelation, the employee known as Grace included the following caption: “I hope you all realize we can see you in the drive-thru when you make faces at us.”

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The TikTok video has led to customers sharing a collective yet hilarious feeling of embarrassment in the comments. One unlucky commenter by the name of Julia said “Omg y’all better not be judging my pimples on that camera.”

“You saw me pick my nose” added another thunderstruck TikTok viewer. Commentor kssied was shocked by the camera’s quality, saying “the fact that the camera is so crisp too…….. baiiiii I’m embarrassed.”

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Other users have substantiated the TikTok creator’s claims too, as this camera system exists at most drive-thru’s: “The amount of people who don’t know a good percent of drive-thru’s have cameras like this AND that we can hear you the second you pull up.”

Next time we head through the drive-thru, we’ll be keeping a low profile.