Starbucks baristas debunk viral TikTok claims cup sizes are a “scam”

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A pair of Starbucks employees went viral on TikTok after debunking another user who claimed the coffee chain has been scamming its customers.

TikToker and famous musician Sueco went viral on the video-sharing platform after claiming the company has been “scamming” its customers with cup sizes.

His video, posted on June 5, garnered over 15 million views in just a few days for showing that the coffee poured into their smallest cup size, tall, actually fills up the cup of their largest size, venti.

Now, a pair of actual Starbucks employees made a video showing how Sueco may have faked his popular video.

Starbucks drinks on a table - Adrianna Calvo
Starbucks is a popular destination for coffee lovers of all kinds – especially those who love adding extra stuff to their drinks.

Starbucks employees expose viral “scam” TikTok

TikToker and Starbucks employee Jill Elyse posted a duet to the popular Starbucks scam video and showed that the test didn’t exactly hold up.

Jill, along with her coworker, took the three sizes the coffee chain offers, tall, grande, and venti, and switched the liquid between them all.

The pairs test showed that the coffee didn’t overflow the way Sueco made it seem like it did, leaving many in the comment section to believe Sueco faked the video.

One user said, “He never shows inside the cup before the liquid is poured. My guess is he has a piece of styrofoam or something in it.”

Although Sueco has yet to comment if he faked the video or not, users have caught on to the likelihood he messed with the inside of the cups to create an overflowing effect.

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