Star Wars fans react to $100,000 Grogu toy: “Mf better be a real Jedi”

Star Wars animatronic groguAdam Savage's Tested

Star Wars fans hope the $100,000 Mandalorian-inspired Grogu animatronic is a real Jedi given its incredibly high price tag.

Grogu, once fondly referred to as Baby Yoda, captured the hearts of millions a few years ago when The Mandalorian first premiered on Disney Plus.

He’s since become quite the pop culture phenomenon as the series continues to explore his capabilities. As such, Disney’s spared no expense when investing in the proliferation of Grogu-branded merchandise.

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Blankets, plushies, statues, Funko Pops, and even waffle makers have been produced in the little guy’s honor. Mandalorian faithful can also purchase a few cheaply made animatronics.

Star Wars’ lifelike Grogu animatronic costs about $100,000

Footage of a pricier, lifelike Grogu animatronic has been making the rounds online, showing off the collectible sitting in a hovering pram. It can move its head, wave, blink, and make other expressions that look eerily in line with its TV counterpart.

The incredibly expensive item from EFX Collectibles ranges in price from $85,000 to $100,000 depending on the number of servos ordered.

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A basic model, for example, boasts about 15 servos that facilitate the use of Baby Yoda’s arms, ears, eyes, and head. Buyers can also opt to add servos that control mouth movements and other advanced tricks.

Many fans don’t seem too impressed considering the asking price, however. “That mf better be a real jedi,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the post below:

“Mf better be washing my dishes,” someone else joked in the replies. Others said they’d be willing to pay up if they had enough cash sitting around. Wrote pro-Halo player Tyler Ganza, “If I had so much money I didn’t know what to do with it, this would be one of the things I’d buy.”

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Since this particular Star Wars Grogu animatronic was previously custom-made for every order, those interested would likely need to start a consult with the EFX Collectibles crew.