Star Citizen developers wish LIRIK happy birthday in creepiest way

Twitch star Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid was enjoying his 29th birthday on October 29 with his stream, and the developers of Star Citizen joined in to celebrate – although in the creepiest way possible.

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LIRIK spent his birthday the only way he knows how – with his Twitch family. Going live for a 29th birthday stream was as easy as waking up in the morning for the streaming superstar, and he was gearing up to play some more Star Citizen.

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However, halfway through a relatively normal stream, the streamer was shocked by a surprise announcement – from within the game – about his special day. The only issue being, the statement scared LIRIK more than it made him feel good.

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During his October 29 birthday stream, LIRIK was fooling around in Star Citizen completing some missions and doing some exploring.

An ominous voice started looming around while he was cave diving, which is already a haunting enough experience. However, once the voice came down and wished him happy birthday, the streamer was spooked.

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“Did he just say happy birthday,” he asked his chat. 

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He seemed confused at what was happening, even doubting that he heard it in the first place.

“I swear to God I just heard that,” he said. What the f***. I think I’m hearing things, there’s no way. How would the alien know?”

It seems like the developers coded in this voiceline just for this occasion. LIRIK streams Star Citizen frequently, drawing a lot of attention to the game which has been in development for almost a decade now.

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He’s been a vital part of their community after a rocky first few years of development saw the game fall behind with setback-after-setback. 

The developers did actually wish him a nicer happy birthday on Twitter. However, they didn’t live up to their promise of “no stream sniping as a birthday gift” with this gag. 

The interaction in game was weird, but the sentiment behind it was nice. It’s probably not the birthday gift LIRIK would have asked for, nor expected, but it was appreciated down the line.

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However, he’d be hoping that next year during his 30th birthday stream that the voiceover is a little more friendly.

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