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Spider-Man: No Way Home fans take over internet with armless Doc Ock memes

Published: 12/Jan/2022 20:36

by Lawrence Scotti


Social media is ablaze with bizarre Spider-Man: No Way Home memes, where fans have removed the villain Doc Ock’s arms and placed him within a variety of hilarious different contexts.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is not just one of Marvel’s biggest releases of all time, but has become one of the most successful launches in film history.

The film brought back legendary characters from past films in an incredible clashing of multiple generations of fans, one of them being the beloved Dr. Otto Octavious, Peter Parker’s nemesis from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2.

Spidey fans from across the internet are honoring their love of the crazed scientist by taking Octavious’ mechanical arms away and putting him in all sorts of predicaments.


Originally, Ock’s arms were removed when a fan noticed how strange he looked without them.

Best Doc Ock memes – Spider-Man: No Way Home

Afterward, Spidey lovers got creative and put the armless Otto to good use.

One put him afloat like he was inside of a Wii menu screen, being dragged around like a Mii.

G2 Esports put him onto Summoner’s Rift and turned him into League mage Syndra, giving him her floating purple orbs.

Another fan put Ock into Super Smash Bros with the perfect caption, “Hello, Peter. Did you forget I had 3 stocks left?”

And, last but not least, here is Doc Ock being carried around by Super Mario’s Lakitu.


Spider-Man fans have clearly had themselves a good time photoshopping Doc Ock to be in every franchise imaginable.

Without a doubt, this meme template will be inducted into the internet’s Hall of Fame.