Popular speedrunner Trihex baffled at unfair Twitch emote moderation

Trihex Twitch / hobknobin

Popular speedrunner Mychal ‘Twitch had specifically taken action against him for a similar issue just a month prior.

Twitch has been coming under fire lately for revolving issues of favoritism or lack of action against content creators which has split portions of the community caught on either side of the aisle.

While viewers are seeing larger streamers as near untouchable by Twitch’s moderation team, questionable calls are being made for streamers who have solid notoriety but don’t fall under the ever protective curtain that the platform has been accused of bestowing on some personalities.

Trihex TwitchTrihex was bewildered when he saw letter emotes in his Chat.

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Trihex was in another near-impossible Super Mario Maker 2 stage run, when a viewer used emotes from Rocket League streamer “Scrub Killa”’s channel which looks like baby blocks with letters on them.

The letters displayed with the emotes spelled the acronym “BBC” which is a widely known acronym around the net. The string of emotes was relevant to the memes that his Twitch Chat were spewing in retort to a viewer’s message a few moments prior.

It didn’t look like Trihex was offended by the use of the “BBC” acronym, but was perplexed that he even saw emotes with letters in them at all, considering Twitch had raised a problem with him earlier about a similar issue.

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“Wait, hang on,” Trihex said before “whistling” to signal that a violation had been made. “I’m literally throwing in the penalty flag right now. You’re telling me that my ‘F’ key emote gets banned and I get a 90-day emote probation last June because the F-key can use the letter ‘F’ and get around filters for people to say naughty words… but then this sh*t, you can get away with this.”

via TwitchMetrics Trihex pointed at the inconsistency on the ruling with his emote and that of the baby block letters.

While Trihex didn’t mean to “snitch” on the emotes, he was incensed about the apparent lack of awareness by Twitch to be consistent in their resolve.

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“Oh come on dude, no,” Trihex said. “I’m not snitching right now but come the f*ck on. I can’t get F-key, but you can get baby block letters, man? What in the f*ck. I’m mad right now. I’m actually mad, dude.”

The streamer lightly warned to “use (the emotes) while (they) can” in case action is taken against them. Although Trihex looks to have no intention of reporting the emotes, he wouldn’t be surprised if they similarly got banned like his was.