Soulja Boy banned again on Twitch hours after serving 5-minute suspension

Dylan Horetski
Twitch: Souljaboy

Rapper and Twitch streamer Soulja Boy was banned on Twitch for the second time in a day shortly after serving out a five-minute ban, one of the shortest in the platform’s history.

The rapper has caused a stir on Twitch ever since he started streaming on the platform in 2018. He’s done everything from ruining Among Us lobbies to calling DrLupo and TimTheTatman “sellouts” after switching to YouTube.

He even claimed to be the sole reason why the platform has become so popular. But despite that, his popularity as a streamer is growing, especially after he surprised Twitch fans with a Squid Game-inspired song.

However, his momentum came to a momentary halt on December 9 after being banned twice on the same day.

Soulja Boy banned on Twitch again

No more than four hours after his initial ban was lifted, Soula Bay was banned again for the second time on the same day.

The reason hasn’t been revealed yet. However, some fans used it as an opportunity to poke fun at him. They pointed out that he’s the only rapper to get banned, unbanned, and banned again on Twitch all within a day.

Soulja Boy banned on Twitch — for five minutes

Before the second ban happened, Soulja Boy was banned for the first time in his streaming career. Many fans wondered what had happened.

According to Twitter user KoolKoori, Soulja was streaming sound samples while making his own music when the incident happened.

Some fans even speculated that he might be in the process of creating his own streaming platform and was banned as a result of that.

But in a bizarre twist of events, he was unbanned almost exactly five minutes later – which raised more questions than answers.

It’s not the first time a popular streamer on Twitch was banned and unbanned shortly after. Back in 2019, Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar faced a similar situation. However, his ban was just over 10 minutes long.

Soulja Boy might be the first streamer who was banned again hours after serving a five-minute sentence, though.