Soulja Boy ruins Among Us game by making ultimate rookie mistake

Jacob Hale
Soulja Boy on Among UsInnersloth / Instagram: souljaboy

US rapper Soulja Boy has made moves into the livestreaming world recently, with a growing Twitch channel — but he made the ultimate rookie mistake while playing Among Us, completely ruining the game.

Among Us seems to have taken the gaming world by storm in recent months, and you’ll often find streamers from all different gaming backgrounds coming together to play the game, where the ‘imposter’ has to sneak around and kill crewmates without being found out.

Obviously, the key to the game is that the imposter wants to take out all of their friends without being found out, requiring a certain level of stealth and a good poker face.

Apparently, though, not everyone received the message.

Soulja Boy orange carInstagram: souljaboy
Soulja Boy has had more than his fair share of success in music, but now he wants to take over Twitch too.

While streaming his gameplay, Soulja Boy — real name DeAndre Cortez Way — was visibly loving life as the imposter, taking down the crew one-by-one and looking like a kid at Christmas.

After a give-away giggle, Soulja Boy then turned to his viewers and asked who he should kill next… Except, he made one massive error.

From the laughter from his friends, you could tell immediately what went wrong, as one of them notifies him that he hadn’t muted his microphone, essentially giving away that he was the imposter to everyone else.

The rapper couldn’t contain his laughter after realizing his mistake, and it didn’t take long for an emergency meeting to be called to foil the imposter. In an attempt to fight his corner, Soulja Boy questioned why they have to be in Discord and requested a mode that mutes everyone when the game is live, but it wasn’t the strongest defense, and he was, obviously, ejected as the imposter.

In gaming, everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes you’ll simply make a bad play — but Soulja Boy might have taken “bad play” to a whole new level with this.