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Sommer Ray throws shade at Charly Jordan after Tayler Holder split

Published: 19/Sep/2020 0:23 Updated: 19/Sep/2020 16:36

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and fitness model Sommer Ray may have thrown some not-so-subtle shade toward fellow influencer Charly Jordan — which some fans think may have been sparked due to her relationship with Sommer’s ex-boyfriend Tayler Holder.

For those out of the loop, Sommer Ray and TikTok star Tayler Holder were involved in a short-lived romance this summer, which was well-documented by enthusiastic fans scouring Holder’s videos.

However, the two split up shortly thereafter, with Ray appearing to hint at some “disrespect” in their relationship in a cryptic Tweet.

That’s not all; the two even unfollowed each other on Instagram, but were seen hanging out a short while later, brushing off any talk of drama and referring to each other as “besties.”

It seems that there might be bad blood between the two stars once again, however, after Sommer appeared to throw some major shade toward Holder’s current squeeze, singer and model Charly Jordan.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that the two are dating, they do seem to be getting quite cozy — and it doesn’t look like Sommer Ray is here for it, who even hit out at her ex-friend in a Tweet after she and Tayler’s breakup that read, “Girl code doesn’t exist to some b**ches, I swear.”

Paparazzi from Pap Galore caught up to the fitness model during a walk on the town a few months later in September, asking if she and Charly were “back on good terms” after their apparent previous beef.

“I don’t really care about her,” Ray said, motioning the topic away with her hand.

That’s not all; when asked if she’d ever do a collaboration with Charly, Ray answered with an unenthusiastic, “Probably not,” turning back to her friends with a laugh.

(Topic begins at 0:45)

While it’s been quite some time since their initial spat, it doesn’t seem like these two influencers are interested in being friendly anytime soon — especially considering that Charly and Tayler might still be getting a bit too close for Sommers’s comfort zone.

Whatever the case may be, fans are awaiting a response from both Charly and Tayler at the time of writing, who have yet to comment on the shade.


Logan Paul’s custom car collection has to be seen to be believed

Published: 23/Oct/2020 12:35

by Kieran Bicknell


Logan Paul has risen to fame as one of the most prominent YouTubers and online personalities of the 21st Century. His success brings financial rewards, and his growing exotic car collection reflects this. 

YouTuber and online personality Logan Paul is no stranger to the spotlight. Along with his brother Jake Paul, he is now one of the best-known content creators on the planet.

While not all of his news features are for the right reason, his success is undeniable with 22 million + followers. His car collection reflects this, and contains some very unusual and unique vehicles.


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IT’S FINISHED!!! Three months of customization and “The Cool Bus” is finally complete 😈 We turned a regular, boring school bus into the most ridiculously obnoxious and savage content machine in the United States. It’s not a head turner – it’s a god damn neck breaker… AND IT BANGS, @WestCoastCustoms y’all killed it 🔥🔥🔥 FEATURES: Smart glass (automatic window tint), 30 interior speakers, electric winch, color changing LED lights, toilet, microwave, kitchen, hammock on the inside, 50 inch flatscreen with Apple TV & wifi, two @Lovesac beanbags, air conditioning, an intercom system and a bunch of other dope stuff 😂🙌🏼 (p.s. swipe over and check out the tires, always plug, Merch link in bio YEET)

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Logan Paul’s car collection

One of the best-known vehicles in Logan’s collection is his Mercedes G-Class G500 4×4 squared. While that may be a mouthful of a name, it is an undeniably impressive bit of kit.

Despite being dramatically styled from the factory, Logan took his 4×4 squared one step further and sent it to RDB LA for a number of personal customizations. Dubbed ‘The Yeti’ once completed, the imposing jeep was fitted with a massive snowplow – the first in the world to receive such treatment.

Alongside his ‘Yeti’ Logan also has another standout custom vehicle – the ‘Cool Bus’. A fully customized and kitted-out ex-school bus, this isn’t a regular vehicle for Logan but is instead used a way of promoting his merch.

Featuring a custom teal blue wrap, pumped-up sound system, heavy-duty front winch, and custom exhaust system, the Cool Bus is a serious piece of marketing kit.

Logan Paul Polaris Slingshot
Instagram: @loganpaul
His Polaris slingshot is one of his less practical vehicles.

Logan Paul exotic cars

While Logan isn’t one to splash out on expensive supercars in the same way his brother Jake does, he still has some interesting performance cars.

His Dodge Challenger is a V8-engined American ‘muscle car’ that is designed for all-out straight-line speed. While not extensively customized in the way his ‘Cool Bus’ is, Logan appears to wrap it to match his latest merch line designs and uses it as another way of promoting his range.

As well as the Challenger, which was given away to one lucky subscriber earlier this year, Logan also has a Polaris Slingshot for a ‘fun’ car. Purchased as a gift to himself on his birthday, it is likely to just be used as a casual car for fun rather than any serious motoring.

While he may not have the biggest collection in the world, Logan has more unique ways of showing his wealth, such as spending $200k on Pokemon cards. Either way, it is still a very unique collection of vehicles for the YouTube star.