Sommer Ray reveals stunning outfit she wore at Coachella 2022

sommer ray at coachella 2022Instagram: sommerray

Sommer Ray was one of the thousands of influencers to visit Coachella 2022 and the Instagram fitness model has finally revealed what her outfit looked like.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is as much about creativity in the audience as it is the music artists on stage, putting a real focus on what people are wearing. It’s the perfect time to take a chance, change up your style, and for influencers – post their fit on social media.

This year’s influencer-packed event, which started on April 15, has seen multiple high-profile stars from the world of music show up. To name a few, Harry Styles, Swedish House Mafia, and The Weeknd all headlined.

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As thousands of content creators packed the festival out to watch along, Sommer Ray set herself apart with an eye-catching fit.

Sommer Ray on InstagramInstagram: Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray has her own line of activewear.

Sommer Ray reveals her incredible Coachella outfit

The popular Instagram model and entrepreneur revealed what she wore at Coachella in a post on April 22.

She said: “Was hesitant to post my Coachella pics cause didn’t wanna add to the annoyance but here I am hahaha…”

In the past, Sommer has often joked on TikTok, saying that girls seeing their boyfriends follow her on Instagram could be a “red flag.”

If you were ever wondering why… Well, her stunning Coachella ensemble may give you an answer.

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Of course, Sommer Ray – with over 26 million followers on Instagram – was not the only recognizable face to attend.

Other big content creators were present at Coachella, too, including YouTube streamer Valkyrae. In her case, however, picking the wrong shoes caused all sorts of problems and she almost left the showcase early because of it.

Pokimane and Sykkuno have also posted about going to the California-based festival, with a funny story coming out of the latter’s DMs.

Whether or not any of them had a fit as good as Sommer’s, though, is a question only you can answer.