Sommer Ray fans split over new ‘Eternal Sommer’ song: “This slaps on mute”

sommer ray in eternal sommer music videoSommer Ray, YouTube

Instagram star model Sommer Ray has finally revealed her first-ever song on YouTube, but it hasn’t won everybody over just yet. 

The song’s release marks yet another influencer getting into the music production space, following Dr Disrespect, KSI, Jake Paul, and others in recent times.

Sommer’s first tune was produced and written by her, DJ PRESS PLAY, and Oscar Olivo, where she features both in the track as well as its video.

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The music video itself has a very Baywatch feel about it, having been filmed on a sunny beach.

Watch: Sommer Ray x DJ PRESS PLAY ‘Eternal Sommer’ music video

Eternal Sommer was released on May 18, following weeks of promotional posts on Sommer’s Instagram account.

It’s the first video she has uploaded to YouTube in over a year, too, meaning thousands of fans will have gotten a shock upload notification for the first time in ages.

After seven hours of being live on YouTube, the video has only pulled in just 9,000 views so far – but that’s likely to rise as time goes on.

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Sommer Ray’s lyrics in Eternal Sommer

The popular model only has a few words to say in Eternal Sommer, which include the following:

“In the darkness, there is always light

In the light, there is always hope

In hope, there is always love

In love, shines the eternal ray of Sommer”

Sommer Ray fans torn on debut song

sommer raySommer Ray, YouTube
Eternal Sommer released on May 18, 2022.

As expected, a portion of her 26 million followers was quick to chime in with their review of Sommer’s debut in the music world.

The tune’s video has attracted a mixed reaction so far, and – as always – a few decided to poke fun at the track.

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One said: “Stoked to see my boys chad, jt and strider. Awesome tan. You are legends!”

Another user posted in the YouTube comments: “Here’s me thinking we were gonna hear Sommer singing.”

Others called it an “absolute banger” while another joked: “Damn this slaps hard on mute.”

Whether this foray into the music industry will be a one-off, or become a regular thing, remains to be seen.

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