Adept claims TwitchCon is just a lot of women leeching on male streamers

Published: 23/May/2019 11:41 Updated: 23/May/2019 13:24

by David Purcell


Streamer AdeptTheBest has revealed that TwitchCon and BlizzCon events are now just seen as opportunities for women to hook up with popular streamers with big followings. 

The broadcaster, who has over 56,000 followers on Twitch, has been sharing some inside scoops during her livestreams in the midst of a series of streamer meet-up events in Texas. 

Not only does she reveal the tactics groups of women deploy in order to capture the attention of more popular streamers, but also uses Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel as a prime example of somebody who could be targeted by women at these conventions.

xQc, InstagramAdept’s relationship with Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was never publicly confirmed, but fans had their suspicions.

“A lot of girls go to BlizzCon and TwitchCon, literally skeeving around like ‘where are the streamers at?'” she said during the broadcast, making a strange slurp-like noise with her mouth.

Explaining the tactics of these people further, she gave her viewers an idea of how they would approach a big name streamer at these events. 

“‘Oh, there’s xQc, he gets…’ – who at the time was getting about 9,000 viewers – ‘you see that one right there, that one gets 9,000 viewers and probably like 10,000 subs. Alright, let’s go in.'”

AdeptTheBest has been seen playing Overwatch with xQc in the past, a former professional player in his own right, with reports suggesting that they were once in a relationship together. They featured on each other’s streams periodically in 2018, but their relationship was never publicly confirmed. 

After searching for her own clip on Reddit, she stumbled across some comments from redditors that she “knew was coming,” but wasn’t happy with them nonetheless. So, Adept quickly hit back at claims that she is just like the girls she’s complaining about. 

“Who chose to live in my fucking house?” Adept added, in reference to xQc moving in with her in the past. “You fucking retard. Who chose to live there? Did I force him to live there and stay there against his will? I don’t think so.”

Whether or not her initial claims are accurate, or perhaps exaggerated, is a mystery for those who are yet to make an appearance at the regularly scheduled gatherings. 

However, it does give fans of hers – and other internet personalities – an idea about the situations popular figures in the streaming industry are put into at these events.


Logan Paul wants to fight NHL pro Evander Kane after challenging Jake

Published: 2/Dec/2020 17:20

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTube sensation Logan Paul responded to a boxing challenge NHL pro Evander Kane issued to his brother, Jake, during the Impaulsive podcast.

Right after Jake scored a stunning knockout on former basketball player Nate Robinson, the San Jose Sharks left-winger sent a challenge Paul’s way, claiming he’s easy, get ‘wrecked.’

Now, one of the Paul brothers has seemingly accepted the challenge, but it wasn’t the one who Kane was expecting.

“San Jose Sharks? What is that exactly? Some sort of fish or aquatic animal who lives in San Jose?” Logan joked and read Kane’s original tweet. (Segment begins at 33:28)


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“Put him on a list,” he remarked. “Does Jake Paul vs Evander Kane, is that a headline fight? How many buys does that get?”

While Jake’s last fight was on the undercard for Mike Tyson’s boxing return against Roy Jones JR, some could argue that Paul stole the show with his huge knockout that went viral on social media. It’s unclear if Kane would have the same star power as Robinson.

The podcast members agreed that the fight wouldn’t exactly be worthy of a headliner, but Logan Paul had an idea.

“Or does he just do it because he will get another fantastic f**king knockout? Is he even active?” Logan asked, inquiring about if Kane was still playing in the NHL. “Okay, so when is he going to train boxing? We’ll go through it again. I’ll put a quarter-million down this time.”

With Logan Paul down to step into the ring against Kane, all that was needed was a response by the forward, who wasted no time in accepting the invitation.

In a short eight-second video tweet, the Sharks player accepted the challenge quite confidently.

“Logan Paul, I’ll take the mop off your head and wipe the floor with you,” he said and proceeded to tag the YouTuber in the reply.

It’s unclear when or if this fight actually goes down, especially with Kane being active in the NHL, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. The NHL season is set to begin on January 1 at the earliest, but hopefully, the two can arrange for a fight in the following off-season.