Sodapoppin & WillNeff respond to Tyler1 calling them “disrespectful” at Twitch Rivals event

twitch rivals tyler1Twitch: loltyler1/sodapoppin

After Tyler1 accused unnamed streamers of being disrespectful to Twitch staff at the ongoing Twitch Rivals event, sparking backlash online, WillNeff and Sodapoppin responded, giving their side of the story.

Twitch’s biggest stars have all descended on Las Vegas for an IRL Twitch Rivals event, where they are facing off in a series of games and challenges. But, as with any IRL streamer meet-up, drama was sure to ensue.

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Stienkamp, never one to shy away from revealing his true thoughts, expressed his dismay at the actions of some of the other streamers at the event.

tyler1 at twitch rivalsTwitch Rivals
Tyler1 in action at Twitch Rivals, where he’s stolen the show.

“These other streamers, they’re like children. The main [Twitch staff] were explaining the rules, and randomly people would ask questions, ‘can we put it in our mouth?!’ ‘What if we shove it up our ass?’, and everyone would laugh. Like, how socially incompetent are streamers?

“The guy was talking, explaining the rules, everyone was talking over him. Not even paying attention. I was like, ‘are you children?'”

WillNeff and Sodapoppin respond to t1

Although it wasn’t clear exactly who Tyler1 was referring to in particular, it soon became clear, as WillNeff responded directly.

“[Sodapoppin] and I asked if we could put the dice in our mouth, because when you’re pedaling the thing, we were asking if you could bite the corner of it, so you wouldn’t drop it. Because if you dropped the dice, you got a 10-second time penalty.

“So I was literally just asking if I could bite the dice – I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.”

Soda continued, “Yeah, we weren’t [being disrespectful]. Tyler just wanted to call streamers stupid. Because everyone loves that.”

Regardless of any drama, the event has been getting a ton of viewership, both on the official broadcast and on the participants’ own channels. With so many big streamers, including members of 100 Thieves, OTK, OfflineTV, and many more, there is a streamer for everyone in attendance.

xQc, Hasan, Tyler1, and more all took part in the Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge, which continues on November 5. You can watch the action on the official Twitch Rivals channel.