Sodapoppin terrified after being trolled by well-timed horror jumpscare

Published: 19/Mar/2020 0:04 Updated: 19/Mar/2020 19:02

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris was taken by surprise when a low budget horror game startled him so much that he jumped out of his chair.

Horror games have long been a staple of Twitch, as viewers enjoy watching their favorite personalities get scared out of their minds. However, sometimes jumpscares can get the best of them.

This is what happened to popular streamer Sodapoppin during his March 18 broadcast. Playing a seemingly harmless title quickly turned into a startling experience that had his headphones flying off.

Sodapoppin trolled by jumpscare

The streamer was trying to decide what to play for his audience when he decided to open up his list of games to tackle. He then came across a horror game called ‘Tikyo Loves You.’ At first, he was hesitant to try out the low budget-looking game, but then said “f**k it, let’s take the plunge, I’ll play it.”

After reading notes and running around for about seven minutes, Soda started to think it was just an endless hallway as the level began to repeat itself. “So I’m reading notes from another dude. Sounds to me like he died. Or got tickled or something,” he laughed.

“It’s a really scary game,” he said sarcastically. He then turned the corner and from out of nowhere a massive monster rushed him. Soda screamed and knocked his headphones off as he jumped from out of his seat, instantly regretting his sarcastic words.

Shaking off the jumpscare, he stretched his arms before sitting back down and talking to his chat. “Phew! I had to stretch. That was crazy!” he said, jokingly playing it off.

It appeared the entire purpose of the game was to get to that moment, as the ending credits popped up for the streamer afterwards. “And I beat it!” he said, quitting out.

The Twitch star didn’t seem too thrilled with the horror title, as he told his viewers ” That f**king blew a*s. I didn’t like that at all.” Although seeing a silver lining to the experience, he exclaimed “But at least I got to stretch my legs!”

While the streamer was clearly startled enough to jump out of his seat, it could have happened to the best of them. If nothing else, this is a good example of how even a lower budget horror game can still bring the scares.

Sodapoppin continues to be one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. At the time of writing, he has over 2.6 million followers to his channel, making him one of the most watched personalities on the platform.


Bryce Hall reveals BTS footage of his big controversies: Being arrested & huge parties

Published: 7/Jan/2021 15:11

by Georgina Smith


Bryce Hall has released a huge video documenting the highs and lows of his 2020, even going as far as to expose behind-the-scenes footage of some of his biggest controversies including his Texas arrest and his birthday party in August.

21-year-old Bryce Hall has had a thriving career on social media over the past year – despite a fair few knockbacks. The Sway House star currently has over 17.7 million followers on TikTok alone, with an additional 3.35 million subscribers on YouTube.

Yet despite his team of loyal fans, Bryce’s outgoing and risk-taking personality often leaves him in trouble with internet users, and sometimes even the law.

But not one to shy away from talking about this stuff, Bryce decided to upload a 50-minute long record of his whole year, from the best bits to the worst bits, and this includes a revealing behind-the-scenes look at some of these incidents.

Bryce Hall and Blake Gray look at the camera.
YouTube: Interview Magazine
TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Blake Gray were facing a $2k fine and jail time for throwing parties in spite of Los Angeles city ordinances.

On a road trip in May the TikTok star, along with friend Jaden Hossler, was arrested in Texas on drug possession charges. The pair were taken into custody, and the news quickly went viral, their mugshots spreading across social media platforms like wildfire.

In Bryce’s video he shows clips of him and Jaden being bailed out of jail after 16 hours, giving each other a hug as they were finally let out. “I was sleeping on a f***ing cement ground. They didn’t even give me a bed until like halfway through!” he said once outside. “I was going insane, dude. I was going insane in there.”

He also showed a clip of him speaking to his advisers over the phone, with them saying “this is gonna go mainstream, so do not say a f***ing word.”

Topic starts at 7:07

Later in August, Bryce hosted a huge birthday bash at the Sway House mansion, which was widely criticized for breaking health regulations, even leading to the LA mayor shutting off the stars’ electricity in an effort to prevent other influencers from following in his footsteps.

In his new video, Bryce shows the footage he filmed of them planning the huge party and some close-ups of the party itself. The group dropped a whopping $2000 on alcohol for the night, drunk by the dozens of guests that can be seen in the cinematic montage of the event.

The clips provide an insight into what Bryce’s reaction to the outrage was while it was happening, and has given fans and critics alike a literal close-up of the events that sparked the backlash.