Sodapoppin's search history gets exposed by Twitch staff member

by Eli Becht


If you were ever wondering what Sodapoppin's search history looks like, this would be your best chance to find out.


Chance 'Sodapoppin' Morris has long been known as one of the OGs of Twitch, having been around for several years.

What's impressive about his position on Twitch is that he has largely done this without having to rely on a certain game as he's able to bounce around to pretty much anything and still bring a large viewership.


Sodapoppin, like many other big streamers on Twitch, is trying his hand at Grand Theft Auto V roleplay and has been drawing quite a large crowd while doing.

He joins other streamers such as Summit1G, xQc, LIRIK and TimTheTatman who have all tackled GTA V roleplaying.


During a recent stream session, Sodapoppin went AFK and Twitch staff member Pluto took his place and began exposing Sodapoppin's web history, much to the delight of his chat.

He took suggestions from that chat, such as typing in the letter 'P' into the browser to see what popped up. 

"Let me type 'P' into his browser, 'P', there you go, Pornhub," Pluto said. "Actually, the first two are PayPal and Play Atlas and the third one is Pornhub."


The chat reacted with their LUL emotes as Soda's popular websites were exposed to the public.

"'U' is UberEats, 'I' is Instagram and... mini sex doll."

That's certainly an interesting thing to see pop up on anyone's search history, that's for sure.


It's hard to know if he's joking about the search history or not but it's still some interesting tidbits to know into one of Twitch's most popular streamers.