Sodapoppin says Twitch streamers with 50 viewers should “give up” and roasts Ninja’s advice

Calum Patterson
Sodapoppin streaming on TwitchTwitch: Sodapoppin

As one of Twitch’s veteran streamers, who remains immensely popular today, Sodapoppin’s views on the platform are often considered an expert take, although he has sparked some debate with his claim that 50 viewer streamers should “give up” their ambitions.

It’s no secret that becoming a popular streamer is incredibly difficult, and for many, will be a thankless task that ends in failure – this is simply a statement of fact.

However, hundreds of thousands of budding streamers go live every single day in the hopes that they will start or continue to grow their hobby as a career, which can provide a stable, if not lucrative, income.

After reviewing Ninja’s advice for aspiring stremers in his “masterclass”, Sodapoppin was critical of much of the information and suggested that streamers with 50 viewers or less should accept defeat.

Sodapoppin critiques Ninja’s streaming advice

One of Ninja’s claims was that connecting with an individual chatter in your stream can “secure that viewer for life” – something Soda dismissed on his stream.

“I feel like in the 50-viewer sections of Twitch, that might actually be how it works. I will also say, if you have 50 viewers – give up.

“Last night, I was trying to watch the ‘Just Chatting’ section. My computer started lagging by the time I scrolled down to streamers with less than 100 viewers.”

“With how big Twitch is now, if I scroll down on the Just Chatting section, at some point I’m going to get a thumbnail with t*ts.”

Soda, along with many other top streamers, got their start very early – as early as the days, before Twitch rebranded.

It’s undeniably true that it’s more difficult to grow a large audience for a stream now on Twitch due to the saturation of channels, all vying for attention – but many 50-viewer streams would argue they have already found some success.

The overwhelming majority of streams will attract less than 10 viewers. Getting 50 would likely put a channel in the very top percentage of streams overall.

Some of Soda’s chatters even argued that “50 viewers is good”, and one streamer,Jenya said the advice to give up was “toxic.”