Sodapoppin reveals biggest concern about OfflineTV Rust server return

Sodapoppin and a Rust characterTwitch: Sodapoppin/Facepunch Studios

Streaming star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has revealed his concern with OfflineTV’s Rust server making its return, suggesting that long-time Rust players shouldn’t be involved like last time.

Earlier this year, OfflineTV started up a Rust server that became so popular that they had to split it up between those who wanted to roleplay and those who wanted to just straight fight it out.

The server had hilarious moments and plenty of drama, but it wasn’t long before everyone moved on to other games – with GTA RP basically replacing Rust for a lot of the streamers involved.

With the calendar turning over to July, the server is set to make its return, with a few changes, but Sodapoppin – who played on the last iteration – has a few worries about it.

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Rust screenshotFacepunch Studios
Rust become one of most popular games on Twitch since OfflineTV setup their dedicated servers.

Speaking during his July 1 stream, the longtime Twitch streamer said that the admins shouldn’t involve “20 viewer andys” who play Rust pretty much full-time as that takes away some of the fun.

“I have a worry about the Rust server. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, no one cares about 20 viewer andys who are really good at Rust,” Soda said. “And, I’m worried it’s going to be infected with like a bunch of 20 viewer andys who are really good at Rust.”

Chance added that it’s not “fun” to see someone like Pokimane get taken out by someone who knows what they’re doing, but if it’s a fellow streamer like xQc doing it, it has the potential to be “hilarious, awesome content.”

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The variety streamer noted if too many Rust-centric players, it becomes pretty much like a public server, and that might people not want to play – including himself.

It’s a similar concern to what Sykkuno flagged when the server was first rumored to return. He said it’s no fun just having PVP shootouts and that would probably keep him from playing all that much.

However, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the server finally goes live again on July 5.