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Sodapoppin mocks Twitch viewer’s ridiculous appeal to be unbanned

Published: 9/Feb/2020 17:21

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch streamer Chance ‘sodapoppin’ Morris was left scratching his head at a bizarre appeal from a viewer to be unbanned from his channel, following a supposedly racist incident. 

Sodapoppin is one the biggest streamers on Twitch, sitting at upwards of 2.7 million followers on the platform. He has long been one of the most dominant forces on Twitch, leading to us naming him as one of the streamers of the decade

As we mentioned there, a large part of Morris’ success is down to his versatility and ingenuity when it comes to all things Twitch. This is reflected in his hilarious use of a ‘Ban Appeal Form’ – in which banned viewers explain why he should allow them to return to his channel. 


Twitch: sodapoppin
The viewer’s ‘Ban Appeal Form’, in full.

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As expected, this often leads to some pretty funny responses, as viewers endeavor to make amends for the behavior that got them banned. 

However, it’s fair to say that the segment took an unexpected turn on February 6, when a viewer who apparently made a racially charged comment about Morris’ maids completed the ‘Ban Appeal Form’. 

The viewer’s apology was for “saying that your maids looked like they were stealing”. Morris couldn’t hold himself together as the banned viewer tried to justify their discriminatory comments: 

“‘It was a long day at school and I just had this itch to be racist’,” he read, before dissolving into laughter. 


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Sodapoppin’s laughter continues for a while, as he struggles to come to terms with the viewer’s bizarre explanation for their comments. 

“I can’t! I’m just trying to picture someone that’s like – they just can’t control,” he laughed. He then continued to read: “‘However, I thought it could also be understood as a harmless joke, so I thought it was safe to post… I make jokes about everybody, even you, you tw*t’”. 

Alongside hurling insults at sodapoppin, the viewer finished with the line: ‘I’m a loyal viewer and I just want to participate in the cancer you call chat’. 


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We’re not sure if insulting Morris and his Twitch chat is the correct way to get unbanned. It doesn’t seem like it was, as Morris went on to challenge the viewer over just about every comment they made. 

The bizarre explanation should not make light of racist comments, but it’s fair to say that sodapoppin’s viewers were just as confused as the streamer himself.