Sodapoppin loses it as Pokimane & OfflineTV surprise him with a 62k Twitch raid

Alex Garton
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Twitch: Sodapoppin/Pokimane

After receiving a 62k Twitch Raid from Pokimane during his World of Warcraft stream, Sodapoppin proceeded to jokingly roast her and asked if she would host “someone else”.

For the majority of streamers on the platform, a huge raid from Pokimane would be a dream come true. With 7.8 million followers, she’s no doubt one of the most recognizable faces on Twitch.

Despite this, not everyone’s appreciative of a host from Pokimane, especially if the content they’re streaming at the time does not align with the interests of her audience.

Well, Sodapoppin was certainly not impressed with Pokimane’s decision to host him while he was playing World of Warcraft. Instead of thanking the OfflineTV member, he decided to roast her and her chat for coming over to his stream.

Sodapoppin Twitch
Twitch: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin has 3 million followers on Twitch.

Sodapoppin roasts Pokimane over Twitch raid

During his World of Warcraft stream on May 17, Pokimane decided to raid Sodapoppin with over 62 thousand people. Despite the huge influx of viewers, Soda made it very clear he wasn’t happy and decided to jokingly roast Pokimane and the other OfflineTV members.

It was obvious he was a little confused as to why she would send over her audience to watch WoW content, especially when you have to play the game to understand what’s going on.

“Why? Oh, I’m actually so mad, I’m playing World of Warcraft…. they probably just hosted and they’re probably off doing something in their dumb house, please un host and host someone else.”

Although it’s obvious Soda didn’t want the extra 60 thousand viewers watching him play WoW, it’s clear he found the whole situation incredibly funny and wasn’t being serious.

He even made a few Among Us jokes, hoping to get the attention of the new type of viewer that had just arrived on his channel.

“You guys want to play Among Us? I love Among Us, I don’t if you guys know, I made Among Us.”

There’s no denying that Pokimane’s raid certainly spiced up Soda’s WoW stream and gave his viewers some entertaining content.

Let’s hope she decides to host him again in the future while he’s playing WoW so we can see even more hilarious reactions.